The Big Brekkie Meet

by admin on April 25, 2010 in Reports with No Comments
Those of you who know me will already be aware of my keenness to break down the barrier of the ‘single marque club’. It seems to me crazy that petrolheads should want to purely associate with folks who have exactly the same car as them, moreover there are few Clubs which have enough depth of membership to make it a viable proposition.  I remember Richard Pope telling me how he’d built up the Dax Club in the Sussex / Surrey area only to see the numbers dwindle….so to my mind it makes perfect sense to push and break down this daft barrier that seems to exist.
And so was born the idea of the Big Brekkie, a Run and Meet with invitations to all  the well known Clubs across the South East Corner. Trouble is a ‘call’ doesn’t really work, as folks seem to be a bit laid back about getting involved. So with some pushing and shoving we got the message out there and set a time and a place – the Chalet Cafe at Cowfold. Cobs, Caterhams, a couple of  westies and a barrage of Tigers, MK, Locost and Phoenix joined in. Let;’s hope that some of these single marque clubs extend a reciprocal invite !




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