Le Blat – the SKCC foray to pastures new – destination France

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Le Blat – the SKCC foray to pastures new –destination France

A steady convoy down the M20, cars all in line and then like out of a film the Cobra and T-Bucket ease alongside, a friendly acknowledgment and they fall in line. Quick pitstop to top those tanks up before meeting Nigel dockside. PO kindly kept us together and once ‘other’ side off we set in Groups of 4.



The roads to the first stop were a good mix of A’s + B’s, with plenty of decent twistys. The next camera moment was i admit created by me. I decided that the route i’d plotted down a particular road wasn’t up to scratch – it seemed a tad narrow, so i decided to forgo that waypoint and head to the next, furiously reprogramming the sat nav as we went along. We ended up as planned driving alongside a scenic canal ( single track road ) only to be met part way along by the 3rd group who had followed the original sat nav route. Bit of hilarity and a good 1st photo opportunity. That area was so pretty, a canal running through a small town, houses lining the canalside, stunning.



Time was passing quicker that we’d imagined and we headed for Agincourt, but the Cob + T-Bucket were drinking fuel and needed a pitstop, so Group 3 with Matt, Graham+ Roland headed for fuel and a more direct route and decided to go direct to the lunch meeting place. meanwhile the rest of us headed for Agincourt, well we had to didnt we! Few photos and a refreshment stop. The next section to Hesdin was awesome, some cracking roads that were empty, at times the roads looked like the sort of thing you see on the telly on a hillclimb – so we stretched our legs a bit on that section.

Lunch was taken at Hesdin in the small Town Square, well worth a revisit – and once we’d topped up with drink + food we jumped back into the cars and headed for le touquet. This section was pretty, villages almost flowing into one another, we skirted the Town of Montreuil, again a pretty place before the final few miles into Le Touquet. This really was a quick stop as a glance at the time showed that we were now cutting it fine to get back to Port. Getting started again was easier said than done as all of a sudden we’d created a mini car show with the locals all intrigued.



Anyway to the final stint,time was tight as we headed back to the A16 and took what we thought was the fastest option. One by one the cars took their places in line for boarding.

On the ferry coffee was the order of the day and reflection of a good day and talk turned to what next/ similar again? an overnighter? possibly adding in a track day at Crois ( same area )…..we’ll have to see

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