A Pub meet with the chaps from JPSCC at Westerham, Kent

by admin on June 04, 2010 in Reports with No Comments

(Jeremy Philips Sports Car Club)

A few of you who are members of SKCC may have been on the receiving end of some badgering by me to join up. Lee Champion is one such fellow. I’d hounded the poor bloke for a while into getting involved and once he’d joined I felt it only fair to repay that by supporting a local ‘meet’ that he was part of.

He and his pals from the JPSCC had been meeting at the Grasshopper in Westerham for quite some time and as is the case with many ‘meets’ it’s fair to say that it had gone the same way as many: lower attendance due to lack of interest, folks selling their cars etc – but there was still a healthy spine and we thought that it would be good to open it out to all from the SKCC.

The meet is on the 1st Friday of the month and all are welcome, in fact not only kit cars, there’s been a few meets where folks from Pistonheads have popped along in some form of interesting machinery. This particular evening saw the numbers swell to about 15 cars and as usual it was good to see some new faces and a few old ones who hadn’t been able to get out on any of the runs for a while.

I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of ‘meets’, unless of course there’s some driving to be had – moreover I’m not a fan of single marque meets. To my mind there are few clubs that can carry it off with the easy exception of Caterhams. So the chance to mingle with a variety of cars with the common glue of being petrolheads is a pleasant diversion.

I hope that this meet will go on and grow once again, so if you are at a loose end you know where to go! And if you do try to engage Lee, or Jim in conversations about their travels, this group of guys like Touring and have completed 4-5 trips to the Alps racking up 1000’s of miles in their ‘kits’.



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