SKCC Suspension Set up and advice

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Amazing how many things in life happen through a chance encounter or conversation! A brekkie blat with another group provided the seeds of an idea, as one of the chaps at Brekkie that day revealed that he used to work with saloon racers and missed his work – which was …..da da , Suspension set ups.

We did the right thing and left him in peace for 24 hours before we calmly suggested a Group run and meet which would see him scoff a hearty breakfast in return for some input and knowledge.

10 of popped our hands up for this and it turned into yet another good morning out.

Plans were made route wise that would see a small group form at Lingfield before heading off to meet the rest at Buck Barn ( one of our favoured start points for routes in the mid section). James and I had a ‘spirited drive to BB followed closely by Richard and Graham. Tony B had devised a cunning  route that was pretty circular giving us a fresh chance to sample the delights of west sussex ( road wise ) before sampling the delights food wise of the Chalet Cafe – an old favourite.

With introductions duly made Adam – our specialist for the day was bundled into Tony’s car so that he could get some 1st hand exposure to the handling of the Zero. After brekkie I managed to nab Adam and buckled him into the Tiger before anyone else could lay claim, poor chap must have felt that he was a living player in a meat market!


A short run down the A24 saw us installed at Adams parents home where ‘Dad’ provided us with a supply of tea and coffee whilst chatting about the cars – he’s a Westie owner and very knowledgeable too!  A tweak here, a measurement there and  folks were sent out to try their new camber/toe in settings. Thankfully Adam had got out of mine and enquired why I thought there was anything wrong ……….well in truth I didn’t but not having set the car up myself it was warming to hear that from a Pro!

Time slipped by aided by the usual banter and soon it was time to leave, James and I cutting across country determined to eek out the most of the blatting potential whilst keeping an eye on the ever darkening skies.

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