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Well the stalwarts of SKCC are always happy to try and support a run out. This one was the brainchild of a new member – Joe who lives down in the New Forest. With a bit of tinkering we made a plan to have a pretty long drive out West, this would take us as far as Compton Abbas and therefore gives us a chance to sample –Zig Zag Hill. Steve Carroll from the Sunrise Sevens had told me about this little stretch of heaven once before, and now there was a chance to work it into a run. Perfect. Except….that poor old Joe had engine issues and couldnt join us until later for a well earned drink.Below is what I penned immediately I got home from what was the best blat of the year, by a country mile ( or 300!).

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It didn’t seem such a good idea at 5.15 when the alarm went off, but boy oh boy did that pay off. I met Neil and James at Clacketts and we suffered the m25/23 til we hit the a272 and headed West to Buck Barn to meet with Richard and Graham. From there we enjoyed car free roads, anything we did pass was mostly heading in the other direction – for Goodwood Breakfast. The 272 opened up infront of us, inviting tarmac saying ‘ come on then’….and we did! Smooth yet spirited driving taking us ever nearer the second meet at Winchester wehere Andy/Terry/Andrew and Tony H were waiting ( along with Ian H who had popped out for a short run to say hello before disappearing for family duties ).

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Once grouped off we set, our luck with mainly traffic free roads continuing, and wow did we see some awesome roads, the stuff that as a driver you dream off. Pretty villages between stretches of sweeping bends and then rolling straights. And suddenly we were there – Zig Zag Hill……yes its short but boy what a hoot. our lead group of 4 – Andy M, moi, James and Neil just had to do it a couple of times, before i was persuaded to jump into the the Evil Green Machine so that J could show me his skills – top effort.


The others caught us up as we mused the merits of the ‘Hill’. Could it get better – oh yes. oh yes. The road from their to Compton Abbas swept us along the top of the Downs to a waiting Brekkie, sitting in the cosy restaurant, tucking into a healthy brekkie ( yeah right ) and then more roads and yes bloody good ones too. That changed when we hit the New Forest, one minute we were in Blat Mode , the next – sightseeing mode. Stunning scenery. And finally to Bucklers Hard, if you dont know it – look it up, super place. Where we sat outside and enjoyed a rest in the sunshine overlooking the river with its cruisers and yachts…..Joe and a couple of his pals came to meet us ( pleasure chaps ) before Joe made a fatal error. Mmmm he fancied a trot out in James motor……not sure if the smile was actually a reworked grimace or a genuine ‘thrill smile”……either way i wouldnt have wanted him serving me a drink, he was a tad shaky…..put it this way, i think if he went for a pee after that ride he may have got arrested for a lewd act in a public place.

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