Run and Meet to Powerspeed

by admin on March 13, 2011 in Reports with No Comments

OK I guess there are many folks who don’t know who or what Powerspeed are, so a quick overview. To many in the car world they are known for their custom exhaust manufacture. The principle guys have been in the business for years and know the right way to make a system to get the most from different engines, latterly they have moved into engine work – and they were keen to show off their new premises. Which is where we came in.

A rather complicated set of runs was arranged which would see 2 different groups from SKCC tour the roads of Kent and Sussex before arriving, in parallel  we’d also arranged a Pistonheads Run to coincide with the other groups arriving. In the end we had about 35 cars turn up for what proved to be an interesting talk.

Now I already have a powerspeed custom exhaust, but I wasn’t aware of the science and theory behind it, so like the others I was interested to see what Dave ( the main man ) had to say on the subject. But he went one better and arranged a small demo of some pipe bending, explaining as he went the difference in the quality of materials, bends and the overall effect on a system. It was nice to get such an understanding and I can see why this is such an overlooked area on many kit cars….for what its worth after my own system was done 2 years ago it yielded 17lb more torque in the mid range with no loss of top end power. Brilliant!

Anyway I digress. A great day was had by all. Let’s face it through in a heady mix of: Run out, food, banter, old  and new faces and a talk by people in the know and you do have a top recipe. SKCC has always been about bringing people together and with such a wide geographic area it’s always good to have the chance to see folks that we haven’t bumped into for a while. Let’s face it the Club covers a wide area: Kent,  Sussex across to Hants and up to South Oxfordshire and there just aren’t enough days in the week to visit the whole patch.


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