A cunning Plan – supercar track day

by admin on April 02, 2011 in Reports with No Comments
OK. Here’s the scoop as the newspaper hacks used to say. I had a top tip from a relative ‘ get yourself down to Goodwood this weekend is you fancy seeing some exclusive ‘metal’ being tried and tested’………a quick search on google showed that the intel was indeed correct. A certain individual with a penchant for fine cars had booked the track for he and his pals to go and play on, and what’s more they were offering rides for charidee to joe public. A ride in a Zonda or a Fezza, mmmm yes please.A quick round up of some SKCC’ers led to the foundations of the ‘cunning plan’. We’d meet at Buck Barn on the A24/A272 and BLAT AROUND SOME OF West Sussex’s finest  roads before decamping at  Goodwood.  A route was created and times set. James and I blatted down from Sevenoaks, a cracking run, en-route we picked up Tony B and Kenton which is where things started to go wrong. The Tiger refused to start – unheard of and needed a push, all became clear at Buck Barn where a dodgy alternator was diagnosed. Doh. With a weary sigh I called on the services of the RAC for the 1st time since joining, and what a service. I will digress from the main story to tell you that the man in Orange did everything he could ( and I mean everything) to get me going again, which included running me to a couple of  parts outlets to see if we could locate a replacement.. Suffice to say we couldnt  and he kindly followed me home using  his battery pack for back up power.The rest of the crew sailed on for Goodwood. I’m assured that my route took in the usual mix of stunning roads and 2 farm tracks – well it pays to be consistent! Once there they were greeted with the sight of  precious metal, some of it out on track , some it not allowed due to that word – decibel.



Yet another thoroughly enjoyable day had by all. It just goes to show how many events, shows, etc there are to get involved with – it’s a question of looking and then grabbing the opportunity!

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