Brands Hatch Track Evening

by admin on May 05, 2011 in Reports with No Comments

And so it came to pass that a few SKCC’ers had a credit from Brands for an abortive noice taster session, so what did they decide to do – yep blow the lot and go the whole hog and book a track evening. Can’t fault their logic, although being perhaps overly pessimistic I personally decided to site on the sidelines, well we’d just be returning from a 1000 miles Tour and who knows what gremlins that might have thrown up!

The drivers line up included Neil, Jeff, Wayne, Dave, Hugh and a surprise last minute entrant – James with the Green Hornet.



The evening passed without major incident ( well nearly ) o let’s come clean. No real casualties but Jame’s car spat its dummy out and he cruised to at the end of the back straight ( no hilarity or mickey taking at all about Caterhams ), Hugh’s car had been somewhat overfilled with oil and ‘Operation Mop Up’ ensued, and Neil was Red Carded for having a leaky dipstick  – so not calamitous…….until……Dan a friend of Jeff’s started his car and managed to set his air filter alight. I’ve never seen Jeff move so fast! Extinguisher in hand he sorted the problem. It was nice to meet David for the 1st time, and we saw  some  committed driving from James as he pedaled that lightweight Caterham around the track. A few  SKCC’ers turned up to spectate and we retired afterwards to the local hostelry for a natter and a pint.

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