Le Mans Re-Creation

by admin on May 13, 2011 in Reports with No Comments

OK here’s the scenario for the last few years some pals and  I have been popping down to  Le Mans for the 24hr series, this year for one reason and another we had to give it a miss. But the call  was too great so a cunning plan formed…..why not re-create the fun and atmosphere that we have at Le Mans at home? A Le Mans style party? We’d cram as much into 24 hours as possible ….living the Le Mans Dream.

Well let’s say that this was to be one of the funniest and most painful weekends that I’ve ever had ( and for others too).

What’s this got to do with kit cars I hear you cry –everything. Because we started off  with a run out picking up folks from SKCC across parts of Kent and Sussex before enjoying a rather tasty lunch al-fresco at a nearby pub and then it was time to get on with it…….

We ended up back at my place and  pitched our tents, the marquee was soon put up and the usual Le Mans accessories came out: Hi-Fi, freezer ( well you need cold beers don’t you) and  the banter started…….the beer flowed and the banter continued.   But before we could settle in for much longer it was time to make a start on phase3……Bikes….well at Le Mans the easiest way to get around is of course push bikes, so a collection had been gathered ready for us.



The plan was simple, a pub crawl featuring bikes and then back home for a BBQ, more beers and of course the 24hr racing which we’d project onto the side of a sprinter van. Mmmm not quite!

Before the end of the lane we’d  had a few casualties: 4 small fall offs and 1 large one – me as I flipped base over apex into a War Memorial. Doing damage to my shoulder, but hey ho, I could still drink. Now the plan was simple except that FIFA messed it up by putting on the England game that night, which meant that we stayed in 1 pub for far too long. Let’s keep the next chapter short: 3 fell off in the car park, 1 was told off by the police for riding with a pint of Guinness and 1 got disoriented in the dark of the lanes, fell off at least 3 times and gashed his head……..see what I mean about painful?


Needless to say we did all finally make it home and supped a few more beers as we watched the race nursing our wounds. Next morning Bob G fired up the BBQ and with strong coffee aplenty we revived ourselves wondering how the hell we’d crammed 4 days of madness into 24 hours. Will we do it again – you bet!

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