Kent Down to the Coast – Destination Rye

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Good run chaps, pity that the a20 was chokka with the m20 being shut……dont think i’ve ever gone to Charing so slowly, for those at the back – believe it or not we were following a motorbike that no one would overtake – at 40mph!
Mark / Richard – sorry you didnt get to join the main run, but atleast you got to brekkie – and yes Mark some of those roads are indeed awesome……..come out a few more times and we’ll show you some more…..

To the breakway group – no idea where you lost us ( notice the emphasis )…..James yes the road from Rye to the 259 is quite good – but no where near the Lydd Ring for twists n turns….

OK we ought to make some awards……

Laziest Runners….
well it was looking like Dan would be a shoe in for this with his ‘ i might see you there’ which was code for, i might not get up early enough for the full run… the end it has to go to Rob + Karen for managing to drive 8 miles from home to pick up the possy as we passed………..erm next time could we tempt you as far as Hawkhurst with the rest of the joinees???
Daddies Sauce
Technical Muppetery Award.
A clear winner……’ SoJavier, have you got the ITN ‘ ? ……FOLKS NEXT TIME ASK ‘ jAVIER, HAVE YOU GOT, LOADED, CHECKED THE ITN’…….it aint a lot of use having it if it isnt loaded….

The’ I Can’t resist a Mid Run Tweak’
Gotta be Richard – i’m sure he has a fixation with having the bonnet off the car and a tool in his hand ( easy tiger)

The ‘ I’ll give it a go Award’.
Thumbs up to Martin with the Cob. How many Cobs join us for blats? yep hardly any. So fair play for getting up uber early and giving it a good run. Must have been interesting through some of those corners…..
And finally the ‘Special Interest Award’
Dan gets the nod, without a shadow of a doubt. Clearly the subject of dogging weighs heavily upon his mind:
‘ i wonder what the ettiquette is’ ?
Did you know that the laybys at x , y, z, a, h , w, t are renowned for it’
‘yeah but do you think that there’s a code’
‘is filming allowed’
Dan mate, for someone that professed to know little about this subject you seemed remarkably well informed.

again great to see so many out and about……if DJ Tom had managed it we would have had an even dozen!!

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