Edenbridge to Sheffield Park

by admin on September 22, 2012 in Reports with No Comments

I met Mark along with Andy and Tony T at Riverhead and we popped along to the real first meet point..

Somewhere along the way Mark ground out, the severity unnoticed til we stopped to greet Tony B, Russ, Mattijs and TonyC…..drip drip ( no not Jedward)….oil!
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In true Top Gear style we had a final cig with Mark before leaving him roadside and cracking on. As noted above the roads were full of pedestrian type drivers – you know the sort, wont overtake a bike in case something might come the other way, the obligatroy horse box x 3 and goodness knows what else…..still the sun was shining and it was a decent route. Made a change to have a potter…….

the venue for brekkie was promising but sadly get’s a 3 star vote from me: cafe platform side of the steam railway, lots to catch the eye ( not the waitress/server who had had her funny bone surgically removed )…..alas, the brekkie was one of those thats cooked and left under the heat lamps til someone decides they want a dry egg……..

worth a coffee though AFTER a brekkie elsewhere…..

guys, always a pleasure, nice to meet a couple of new faces – albeit briefly in the case of Mark ( bigstuff)……

Mark – on the suspension side, talk to James Lark – larkingabout, he’s got a similar car to you and has had the bottoming out issues and has rectified as best he can….worth cribbing settings etc etc oh and get a sump guard made!

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