Tony moans about tarmac……

by admin on September 30, 2012 in Reports with No Comments

What a cracking run again this morning, mind you some of the roads around East Sussex could be so much better if the council would only throw some tarmac at them, having done roads that wind themselves around mountains and covered under snow for most of the year it amazes me that the condition of those are like runways compared to the carp we have to put up with here!

Early doors again saw me meeting Kenton and trotting off to the petrol station at Nutley which luckily was just opening up as we arrived at 7am, realising we were a ‘bit’ late we had a lively run to the meet point and almost didnt make it as a herd of deer decided to cross the road right on me!!, we did manage to pick Duncan up on the forest though as he had stopped and was taking some sneaky sunrise photo’s of his car on the forest.

Mattijs was already at the start point waiting for us and it wasnt long before Tony T, Tony C, Tony H and Richard turned up (tooo many Tony’s!!), we waited a while for the Mango but he didnt show so off we set!!

I put on a poor animal show today – apart from the herd of deer we had half a dozen suicidal pheasants, squirrels, rabbits, pigeons etc and I didnt manage to get any of them!

Me and Kenton made a good pace out front and it wasnt long before we found ourselves on our own, just past Bodiam there was a road closure which we decided to ignore and spent a good few miles driving at 5mph on an unmade surface, we decided to pull over at Northiam where the others all caught us up apart from Tony’s T & C, a few calls later to see where they were werent answered so we decided to plough on.
Again me and K lost the others behind us as the traffic started to build up, albeit no where near as bad as last week!, we arrived at the Garden Centre greeted by the two lost Tony’s who had deleted the closed road and somehow managed to get in front of us.

Breaky was great, more freebie extra’s although me and K had to ask for ours whilst Tony C obviously has a kind face and the cook gave him an extra sausage without him even having to ask!!

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