A misty Morning in Sussex

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As forecast it was a cold start to the morning so I set out to prove my layering system was perfectly adequate without the need for a nancyboy heated jacket. So I headed out to the garage in the dark fully kitted in thermal undies, fleece, goose down, outer shell, snood, ski gloves and skid lid, sorted. Set off for Buck Barn and soon had to make a pit stop to fix a dodgy headlamp, but got there at a slightly delayed time of 7:30 where all were waiting bar Tony’s C & H. We waited a little longer to see if the others would arrive but decided to press on after 10 mins or so with Tony B up front heading the pack.

It was a good start with some pretty clear twisty roads although the fog was hampering things slightly by misting up our visors/goggles. We had a couple of ladies (separately) take exception to our noisy convoy thundering along who chose to demonstrate their disapproval by throwing themselves (& dog) into the road arms flailing. Naturally a brief swerve was all was needed to leave them flapping away to no one and we journeyed on lapping up the bends, grins all round. That was until we met a road block in the form of a fallen tree branch and had to turn back whereby Tony B took us on a massive diversion that felt like we were almost heading back to Buck Barn.
SKCC Misty Morn in Sussex
Wee  stop was a particularly picturesque one this week (see photos) which included the obligatory petrol top-up for Kenton and the “let’s badger Russ into coming to the Alps” from Tony B met with the equally obligatory rolling of eyes and mumblings about gear selection problems etc. from me. After a short while part 2 commenced and we took in plenty more miles of great roads in the morning sunshine. On passing through Amberley we eyed up a nice looking café overlooking the river but continued on to our destination of The Chalet near Cowfold, another day for the Amberley stop. The Chalet was rather busy, popular with the bikers and a Mini run also ended up there so breakfast was a little slow, but no worries seeing as the sun was shining and Tony C joined us having skipped the run this week.

All in all a great run on a lovely sunny autumn morning that you shouldn’t have missed out on. Oh and I remained warm all morning, the layers worked fine :D

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