The Big Day – Mapping the newly installed S2000 engine

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A massive thanks to “Track and Road” and the two Steves who I spent the day with today, clearly they are the nuts at what they do and given some of the problems I had along the way I’ve never seen two blokes work so hard for this result.

We had made it a bit of an SKCC RR day at Rainham today, Rob coming to mine at 8am and when we arrived it wasnt long befor Dick and Jay turned up, a few hours later we were joined by Marky G and the p1ss taking began, strangely none directed at my newly mad bonnet scoop, most aimed at hopeful poor results of horses – hence the photo in the other thread showing just 95bhp.

Track n Road - the 2 Steves doing 'their thing'

The first issue of the day was the simple fact that it wouldnt start, the plugs had choked up again and Id made the battery flat trying to start it, we were on 4men power at that stage as we pushed it in an onto the rollers

Now I dont confess to fully understanding all that went on, but the second issue was the engine timing seemed to be messing about, after using a good old fashioned strobe light to set the timing in the Emerald it seemed to change in the early stages of the mapping, after trying various things we concluded that either the crank or cam sensors were causing a problem, it took almost an hour to sort out and the cause was my wiring, I had incorrectly wired the crank sensor, I had wired the cam correctly according to the conversion pin out diagram but then we discovered the diagram was wrong!!, this sorted the mapping started again.

Third problem was then noticed, oil was leaking from the filter and take-off pipe, nothing to actually worry about but always a concern while they are revving the nuts off it, in all Ive lost about half a cup, but just something I need to do at the weekend.

Then the oil filler cap must have worked loose and shot up in the air – screwed back on and tightened properly

Then we lost the voltage, which was because the exciter plug fell out of the alternator, this happened a few times and we had to wedge it in with a bit of tape – another repair this weekend

Then the VTEC wouldn’t kick in properly, I suspect it may have been the relay at fault because Im absolutely certain when I checked the wires I put it back how it was ad it suddenly sprung to life – it still slowed us down though.

So what started at 11am, here was “one” of the final power runs at around 5.15pm

And the end result ………………………….

250bhp at the crank at 9010rpm
160.7 lb/ft at 6374rpm


Unbelievable result considering the stock engine is 235 at the crank – I am one very happy person, albeit I might have to adjust my driving style a touch!

We had a very good lesson in how this translates to power at the wheels with the losses that happen through the transmission and clearly you cant use a simple %age formula to translate it, I need to study the graph but as everyone has said -crank is what matters

Fantastic, that’s how I describe it at the moment

S2000 power

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