Hi-Spec Motorsport – putting the brakes on SKCC

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Hi-Spec Motorsport

 Sometimes we get lucky and find a supplier on our doorstep that offers both quality products and services. In this case I’m referring to Hi-Spec, known in many circles for their performance braking products.

 I stumbled across Hi-Spec a few years ago when I was rebuilding a previous kit car – Geoff Bedding was most helpful in helping me decide on the package that would suit the car. The fact that they were on my doorstep and offered a range of products built in the UK appealed and the consensus on various forums was that the products were worthy of a closer look Back then I opted for both a front and rear upgrade and have to say that his suggestions were spot on, few ‘kits’ that I’ve driven over the past 5 years have come close to matching the overall stopping power and feel that those calipers have: Billet 4 on the front, a direct replacement for a sierra based set up, and on the rear a hydraulic type of caliper with built in handbrake mechanism – these have now been superseded by a cable operated mechanism which makes the newer model compliant for IVA.

Hi-Spec IVA compliant rear caliper

I popped into Hi-Specs workshop earlier in the week after deciding to overhaul the calipers, I figured they’d been on the car for 40k hard miles and if anything needed the ‘once over’ I’d rather it be the brakes! As a side note, it never ceases to amaze me how many people are intent on raw speed or acceleration as a measure of performance, personally I find it’s useful to know you can stop on a six pence too!

Geoff showed me a few bits and pieces in the stockroom, I could have kicked myself, I hadn’t realised that as well as the obvious calipers, discs, pads etc that Hi-Spec also carry after market pedal boxes: Which would have been ideal as I was looking for a dual master cylinder top mounted ‘box’ a while ago and gave up, refitting my old floor mounted set. The moral, if in doubt give them a call!

I’m popping back to their Dartford premises later to pick up my newly refurbed brakes as well as a new set of EBC pads, 72 hour turn around = excellent service.

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