A Busy Year Ahead For SKCC

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SKCC Members share 1 thing in common – a passion for using their kit cars !

Since the Club was founded the local weekend run outs have been supplemented by various longer jaunts. We started off cautiously – a day trip to France, the highlight that day i remember well: 14 cars at Le Touquet for a quick stop on the way home, we nearly didn’t make the ferry in time! Our little cars had caused such a stir that it was like a instant car show had sprung up with locals milling around the cars.

With that first foray into France under our belts we returned later that year to sample some other superb roads in the Pas De Calais Region and subsequently entered into the Rallye Du Jonquilles. A roadbook Rally around the Region organised for classic cars by a local Club. We had such a good time that they’re twice yearly Rally has seen SKCC enter each time and we’ve now been given our own ‘Class’ for prize giving. Superb!!

Our first UK Road trip attracted 13 cars for a 5 day run around the country, 3 years on we had a mix of 25 kits exploring the Peaks and Wales: Hunting out the ‘Must Do’ roads as well as the smaller B’s that are really what our cars are all about.

A few craved new challenges – So LEGEND was born, a crazy idea on paper became reality, with 4 of us heading to Lands End for breakfast ( and back again in a day), for those that need mileages to work out if that was a proper feat: the mileage for each of us ranged from 650 for the nearest guy to 800 for ‘Our Nige’ from Canterbury. Still it was a good breakfast. LEGEND 2 saw Neil lead a group to John o’Groats and back, a 2 nighter, a blast up there and back  – why? Well they fancied a new T-Shirt.

Others fancied longer challenges with Tony B leading the first and subsequent Tours to the Alps, Pyrennes and this year back to the Alps once more. 8-9 day tours, a couple of thousand miles, planned to the nth degree to maximise the views and Passes.

So what about 2014 then? Wow, its looking like the busiest year yet>>>>>>>>>>>>

So far the SKCC diary has the following set in stone……..

2 French Rallye weekenders – with our friends from Les Granges Aux Damiers.

An official Southern Kit Car Road trip – which in 2014 will cross the Channel to take in a 5 day tour of Belgium, Germany and France.

The so-called ‘Unofficial Road Trip’ – 5 days around the UK

LEGEND3 – a mission to touch the arctic circle in Norway, yep the guys fancy a new T-Shirt!

A ‘Welsh Weekender’ – an early foray into Mid Wales

Add in the weekend run outs across the South East and Southern Kit Car Club must be the most active Kit Car Club out there? Why? Well let’s face it, there’s those that own cars for their looks, those that like the challenge of building them, those that like a 10 mile jaunt to a local pub and those that like polishing them………strange as it may seem there’s another bunch of folks that have stumbled on what seems to be a little known fact: These crazy cars are fun to drive, add in an adventure or two, throw in a mix of others to ‘banter’ with and owning one of these beauties takes on another dimension.  The T-Shirt printers are going to be busy next year!!

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