SKCC’s Sunday Sussex Run

by admin on September 30, 2013 in Reports with No Comments

GrahamB arranged yet another superb SKCC Sunday Run, a man of good routes but few words – picture heavy report…..

……well that was good…..
my day started about 4am …oh god its pitch black out there,
I caught up with roger at our normal Shell pit stop in burgh heath at 6 ish,
and we had a gentle run to B/B , arriving early, but soon joined by Russ,
and then a text from Steve…..”running late will be 30mins”
as the four of us were the only runners, Stevo had sent me a text at 01-45AM ( :shock: )
to say he had only just got home and was pi**ed so would not be on the run,
we set off soon after Steve (rst) arrived,
Russ & Steve were soon way up front out of sight, oohh i am slow :cry: ,
we had clear roads for the most part and kept up a good (for me) pace.
catching up with Russ & Steve at the normal goodwood “tony stop”.

now the traffic was building up as we were on “A” roads for the most part,
and roger & i got to the chalet at 9-28 to find Steve m & Matt already there when Russ & Steve rolled in,
a healthy Full Englishbreakfast was soon polished off,
with the excellent banter that is the skcc norm.
and then all too soon it was time to head home……..

my thanks to all.

still there is always next week and the week after and ……………





This one ditched his screen. Shame he stopped there really…


Have you ever seen so many donor cars in one place?… a veritable scrap yard ;)

Definitely worthy of an SR2.

Steve M just checking to see if his engine was where he left it…

Yep, not fallen out yet.

And lastly, pleased to set off an alarm on one of the MX5s with my exhaust on exit :twisted:


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