Duncans Bexhill Blast

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SKCC Sunday Run to Bexhill…….

What a great morning to be out in my Seven :D

6.10 and I’m leaving Eastbourne a little late, it’s dark and really foggy.

By the time I reached Buck Barn the sun was out and most of the runners were waiting for me.
By 7.10 Matt, Kenton, Mattijs, Steve m, Russ, Tony B, Graham, Phil, Dave and I were all ready to go.
The first part of the route took us south down the A24, and two lines of SKCC cars were held at the red lights.
Guess what happened when they went green :lol:

There was some fog, low sun (heading east wasn’t a great idea) and lots of bicycles, but it was beautiful weather really and we did get some clear roads.


8.10 and we arrived at Golden Cross to meet Colin and Tony. We were 5 minutes early and they were dead on time.
I like it when a plan comes together :)

Off for round two through Alfriston, up to Beachy Head and a little loop taking the Eastboure hairpins, and finally to Bexhill for a nice breakfast in the sun.
We took up all the tables outside the cafe bar one!


Phil joined in from Bucks, and documents his morning with SKCC…

Not been able to get out in the kit car for around 2 months as I’ve had holiday, 3 weddings and stag weekends. The last time I could’ve got out was on Grahams run a few weeks back but the blinking MOT had run out.

Although this run was well out of my way nothing was going to stop me going on it, so with a 5am alarm set I tried to get an early night…cue neighbours party…Maaaan.

Anyway, left home at 5.45, not being as quiet as I could be, pay back to the neighbours! Got onto the M25 and after a few looks from people wondering why anyone would be on a motorway in this car at this god forsaken time I peeled off onto the A24.

As I got closer and closer to the meet point the night sky was getting lighter, although there was the odd misty patch which in fairness was f f f freezing. Arriving at the meet there were kits everywhere, some parked up, some fueling and others arriving from all directions. A quick chinwag and a few introductions and we were ready to go.

What came next was my highlight of the day, 10 or 11 cars lined up, 2 a breast at the red traffic lights. The roar of engines and squeal of tyres was simply awesome. The truck driver must’ve pooped himself thinking it was a scene out of fast and furious 7, just glad he didn’t reach for his shotgun.

A great variety of roads ranging from narrow country lanes to the odd dual carriageway, some great winding roads too. The road towards Beachy Head was stunning with some great views. Massive smile on my face!

Breakfast didn’t disappoint either as we were all basking in the October sun, could’ve easily stayed there a bit longer!

A gentle drive home following Graham & Steve spent mostly behind a Shitreon C4, a KA, loads of kebabs on legs and even more cyclists who were celebrating ‘3 a breast day’. After an hour or so of that I hit the M25 again for 40 odd miles and then home by 12.45

A HUGE thanks to Duncan who organised this run out. This is right up there on my favourite runs and will definitely be making the effort to join you guys more often.


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