Sunday the 12th Jan – Chalet Run

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Stir Crazy, a phrase and theme that had been touted on the forum for a few weeks – the weather just hadn’t been kind enough to allow a reasonable ‘window’ to get out in the cars…….

Russ kindly posted up a ‘shout’ for a drive out and here below is his match report…..

So a modest crew of 4 cars braved it out in the cold this morning. It felt colder than I was expecting and after setting out I soon saw the frost build up as I moved inland. Conditions were mixed, ranging between extremes of flooding and ice. Myself and Kenton headed the group and decided on the cautious approach today as really was difficult to predict the condition of the road ahead, some shiny patches were water and others ice. I got caught out a few times with the rear trying to overtake the front, in one particular incidence I was starting to slide sideways on the approach to two stone pillars going over a little bridge – a somewhat buttock clenching moment. Then there was the flood :shock: I approached that stretch of road with too much speed to slow down without locking up so just had the plough straight into the water. The resultant bow wave engulfed my car and I was completely soaked. We then picked our way slowly down what seemed more like a river than a road and mercifully we avoided the “oncoming 4X4 chucking water everywhere” scenario.

So some tricky conditions today which made it all the more interesting. Good to get out in the kit again, and to have kept it on the tarmac in the process.

Some pics from brekkie at the Chalet.



Tony B “Get my X Trail in shot” – err, why?


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