Le Mans Re-Creation

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OK here’s the scenario for the last few years some pals and  I have been popping down to  Le Mans for the 24hr series, this year for one reason and another we had to give it a miss. But the call  was too great so a cunning plan formed.....why not re-create the fun and atmosphere that we have at Le Mans at home? A Le Mans style party? We’d cram as much into 24 hours as possible the Le Mans Dream. Well let’s say that this was to be one of the funniest and most painful weekends that I’ve...

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SKCC – Southern Kit Car Club Road Trip

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Apparently even the best laid plans can go wrong - well luckily enough not this time and thank goodness for that, because I was playing with peoples hard earned cash as well as their precious time. The plan was hatched last year, to have a Road Trip in the UK that would end up at Stoneleigh at the National Kit Car Show. In the end we had 13 cars and 17 hardy souls who managed to get to the start line in of all places ‘Lakeside Shopping Centre’. Most of us had fractured sleep, excited like kids at Xmas time,...

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Brands Hatch Track Evening

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And so it came to pass that a few SKCC’ers had a credit from Brands for an abortive noice taster session, so what did they decide to do - yep blow the lot and go the whole hog and book a track evening. Can’t fault their logic, although being perhaps overly pessimistic I personally decided to site on the sidelines, well we’d just be returning from a 1000 miles Tour and who knows what gremlins that might have thrown up! The drivers line up included Neil, Jeff, Wayne, Dave, Hugh and a surprise last minute entrant - James with the...

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Detling 2011

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Where to start this ‘match report’ ? Well I guess the 1st thing to do is to put a few things into perspective. This Show is on our doorstep, there isn’t another dedicated Kit Car Show in the South save for Exeter, so it makes good sense to support the Event and to use it as an excuse to catch up with old friends. Moreover its easier to implement what I like to think of as ‘Gentlemans Camping’........that means taking everything including the kitchen sink! So the call went out across SKCC and was answered well, we were missing a...

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Rallye De Jonquilles

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Subtitled ....a meander through the Tulips OK quick background check: We saw a note on Pistonheads about an upcoming Roadbook Rallye in Northern France,  once posted on the forum there was immediately strong interest from the SKCC’ers, so much so that ultimately we made up 10% of the entry of 130 cars! The plan was thrashed out, we’d travel across to France the day before have a wee tour around some of the roads and places we know and add a few more in for good measure, with a strong ‘hands up’ for Vimy Ridge - the WW1 Memorial. Now...

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A cunning Plan – supercar track day

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OK. Here’s the scoop as the newspaper hacks used to say. I had a top tip from a relative ‘ get yourself down to Goodwood this weekend is you fancy seeing some exclusive ‘metal’ being tried and tested’.........a quick search on google showed that the intel was indeed correct. A certain individual with a penchant for fine cars had booked the track for he and his pals to go and play on, and what’s more they were offering rides for charidee to joe public. A ride in a Zonda or a Fezza, mmmm yes please.A quick round up of some...

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Run and Meet to Powerspeed

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OK I guess there are many folks who don’t know who or what Powerspeed are, so a quick overview. To many in the car world they are known for their custom exhaust manufacture. The principle guys have been in the business for years and know the right way to make a system to get the most from different engines, latterly they have moved into engine work - and they were keen to show off their new premises. Which is where we came in. A rather complicated set of runs was arranged which would see 2 different groups from SKCC tour...

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Way Out West ( again ) with Zig Zag Hill content

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Well the stalwarts of SKCC are always happy to try and support a run out. This one was the brainchild of a new member - Joe who lives down in the New Forest. With a bit of tinkering we made a plan to have a pretty long drive out West, this would take us as far as Compton Abbas and therefore gives us a chance to sample -----Zig Zag Hill. Steve Carroll from the Sunrise Sevens had told me about this little stretch of heaven once before, and now there was a chance to work it into a run. Perfect....

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SKCC Suspension Set up and advice

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Amazing how many things in life happen through a chance encounter or conversation! A brekkie blat with another group provided the seeds of an idea, as one of the chaps at Brekkie that day revealed that he used to work with saloon racers and missed his work - which was .....da da , Suspension set ups. We did the right thing and left him in peace for 24 hours before we calmly suggested a Group run and meet which would see him scoff a hearty breakfast in return for some input and knowledge. 10 of popped our hands up for...

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JD Classics Run Feb 2011

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Amazing what little treasures it’s possible to find with the odd bit of web surfing! A ‘gander’ at Pistonheads revealed the name of  a Company that I’d never come across before JD Classics, heard of them?  Well take a peek at their website and drool.  In short  this is a company specialising in the restoration and sale of  ‘classic meatl - and I don’t mean ‘Mtorhead’! A plan was thought through which would iinvolve meeting at Lakeside ( thurrock ) and heading off on a quick 70 mile blat around Essex - destination Maldon. So we set off from Lakeside...

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