Craigs Way Out West Route

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Today saw us head for Alton in Hants, as Craig had promised us a 'Great Road' as a starting point. Neil and I met at Clacketts at 5.50 and trundled around the '25 + a3 getting to the RV in plenty of time, meanwhile across teh Region others were mobilizing - Kenton and Tony hiking across country from further South, Trevor + Nick heading down from Hampton and the Sunrise Crew + Tony H, Craig heading down from Farnham/Guildford way (ish). So who was late - oh yeah, that'll be the bloke that lives closest who smugly revealed that he'd...

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Bexhill – and not for the first time either!

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For those of you who haven’t yet visited for a brekkie I’d recommend the Sovereign Cafe, it’s right on the promenade - but I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ve been a few times before and the call went out for a run down there. Neil was kind enough to let me ‘passenger’ after I decided to play ‘chicken’ with a kerb on a roundabout - muppet! We had a cracking run down to Hurst Green where a few other SKCC’ers were lying in wait....the gang consisted of Neil, Tony B, Bryan, Richard  and a ‘newbie’ Graham. We trotted off to...

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Tiger Racing at Brands Hatch and a Blat – Heaven!

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How come simple plans go wrong/? I’ll tell you - ‘cos people muck them up! So a Group of us decided that we’d have a play in the Kent countryside and Linda decided that she fancied getting involved . We met at the allotted hour and waited and watched as she sailed by, no problem we thought she’ll go round the roundabout and come back - err no! So off we set enjoying the company of: Nigel, Tony, Kev, Bryan, Matt, Neil, Joe....with a bit of telephone tag we managed to get Linda to a second meet point and once...

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Southern Kit Car Visit Brooklands

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Neil first threw the idea out there, how about a blat  to Brooklands? Mmmm seems like a good idea. I mean what could be better, a place that few of us had ever visited in the tin top let alone the ‘kits’ AND a blat. Perfect. Well except for me as the Tiger was in dry dock having a tweak. So Rob and I were the ‘outsiders of the Group in our hairdressers cabriolets! But I get ahead of myself! We arranged a meet at Newlands Corner, a handy place on the North Downs between Guildford and Shere overlooking the...

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Le Blat Part Deux

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Well it seldom pays to return to the scene of a crime.........but then driving French roads is far from being a crime ( unless you count the fact that they are so smooth you just want to use the loud pedal a bit too much )......After Le Blat a few folks had expressed an interest to get involved having missed out for one reason for another. As per...I worked out a route that would take us on a circular 160 mile trip around the Pas De Calais. If you think that Northern France is boring I suggest that you ignore...

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Blat to East Anglia

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For some time I’d hankered on exploring North of the Water, so we formed a plan and a route, simplicty itself: Meet a few SKCC’ers at Lakeside and head to Maldon to play on the remnants of an old airstrip ( long straight unused road) and then head Northwards to pick up Alan - an Essex Tiger owner who fancied joining us for a days’s what happend. No sooner had we set off from the initial meet than I got a call from Tony who had missed the Green Traffic Light ' err we'll be about 10 minutes or...

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Southways Run and Meet

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For those that don’t know Tiger sold the rights and moulds for the Cat and Supercat to a South Coast Company called Southways. The owners of Southways have been involved with kits for some while, turning a passion for building their own into a business. We decided to help support their Open Morning, and a good job too - because unfortunately without us it would have been very quiet down there! Let’s hope they can make a good go of the business as they are really decent chaps. There’s nothing better than hatching a complicated plan for a route and...

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Surrey Run with a healthy Brekkie (of course)

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So nothing too complicated then?? Nah, just a few meet points to pick up folks from various parts of the compass and a trot down to the Chalet Cafe - ............ Well until yesterday the numbers were sitting at around 10 cars in total, a number of chaps decided last minute to get involved, some from here and also from the Caterham Club. The run for all of us ended up being 2 runs - to whatever start point and then the run en-masse and for a few of us 3 runs! James and I popped down to Buck Barn...

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Essex – 3 Mavericks and an old runway

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Well as a follow on from my thread of trips to essex Me, Mark and Paul met this morning at some unearthly hour and to be honest it was nearly a non starter due to torential rain BUT we were out and decided the rain would clear and it did Had a fantastic mixed day of fun, this started at 6:15am this morning with some light drifting towards Maldon where we stopped in a right tinpot Cafe ( Crispy Bacon Cafe, 26 The Street, Maldon CM9 4NB ) but to my surprise the bubble n squeak was fantastic and would...

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A quiet Blat in France

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Nigel and I were so taken by Le Blat that we talked about heading back there for a quieter more low key day. In truth the cost was so reasonable it was rude not to. With Tony B and Bryan accompanying us we headed off............ we managed 180 miles over there, arriving a little before 11 and leaving at 8.30. A bargain day out for the cost of the ferry. We did 4 stages, a coffee at Desvres, Lunch at Berck a seaside Town below Le Touquet ( where the Moules proved a popular choice ) - where we we...

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