The Big Day – Mapping the newly installed S2000 engine

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A massive thanks to "Track and Road" and the two Steves who I spent the day with today, clearly they are the nuts at what they do and given some of the problems I had along the way I've never seen two blokes work so hard for this result. We had made it a bit of an SKCC RR day at Rainham today, Rob coming to mine at 8am and when we arrived it wasnt long befor Dick and Jay turned up, a few hours later we were joined by Marky G and the p1ss taking began, strangely none directed...

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Holly’s Run…..aka – ‘Help a Teen’

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You know when you start something & you’re really not sure how it’ll turn out? The Reason. My younger daughter Holly has been chosen as one of thirty pupils to fly to Kenya were she will help teach the local children in a school & contribute to other projects. To go she has to raise £1500 + the cost of the injections. One or two of the other kids have just set up “Just Giving” websites & asked for donations by e-mail. With Holly’s fund we wanted her more involved in a very practical way. The Plan. Run a blatt...

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Routes ‘n’ Rides Across the South East

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The past few years has seen Club Members cover miles of roads, these routes have until now been kept within a locked vault 'For Members Eyes Only'.....but shortly many of these will be accessible to others as a free download. The routes vary between 50-100 miles and to suit our cars normally feature smaller more interesting roads. As we say in SKCC - 'Fun Isn't a Straight Line'' ! We hope that fellow car and bike enthusiasts will get as much fun from driving some of these routes as we have. Many are ' Round Robins' and most feature a...

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Frank Pickles – Proper Service

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Barry Wilson from Frank Pickles reminded me earlier that in addition to their  keen pricing on insurance for kit cars that they are also heavily involved in the Classic Car field. Given that SKCC Members get preferential rates  it's worth giving Barry a call for a renewal quote for your kit car, or passing on his details to any friends who may be more 'Classically ' minded.

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Spur of the moment – West Side Story

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Sun shining, temperature above freezing, Crunchie and Tony H unavailable and car-less, result: just the two David's on an expedition out west. Lucky I was all sat-naved up as the tour organiser didn't bring his sat nav Great route set up by DT, starting at 2pm from Blackbushe Airport including a couple of narrow muddy lanes and a way point on private land. Classic SKCC stuff. The roads were reasonably empty for a Saturday afternoon and we made good progress across to Highclere where we stopped for a few photos next to Highclere Church. Trivia note: unlike Highclere Castle, the...

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Perfect weather for Ducks – a solitary journey…

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I had a rough night's sleep & decided I needed an adventure, so I set off about 06:20, would've been plenty of time on a "normal" day, but not being able to see the standing water in the dark kept speeds down to well-under the limit & the Satvav decided not to speak to me for a while, which resulted in a turn around or two - not easy in a 5 point harness with the roof up. Anyway, I got to Buck Barn about 07:20 & filled the tank. No-one else had arrived, so I decided you must've all...

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‘G’ is keen to get back to the Chalet……

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what a brilliant morning i met roger in the pits for a petroleum top up, and off we set for newlands arriving about 10 mins. early but joined very soon by Phil ( good to meet you Phil) who , after owning his car for just a couple of weeks , is out with skcc wearing out the tarmac already...good man, we were soon joined by Andy , Luke and Steve, Mr. mango phoned to say he was late and would meet down the road a ways, but Phil had a tech. fault.... his nipple fell off !!!! well the...

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A misty Morning in Sussex

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As forecast it was a cold start to the morning so I set out to prove my layering system was perfectly adequate without the need for a nancyboy heated jacket. So I headed out to the garage in the dark fully kitted in thermal undies, fleece, goose down, outer shell, snood, ski gloves and skid lid, sorted. Set off for Buck Barn and soon had to make a pit stop to fix a dodgy headlamp, but got there at a slightly delayed time of 7:30 where all were waiting bar Tony's C & H. We waited a little longer to...

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Tony moans about tarmac……

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What a cracking run again this morning, mind you some of the roads around East Sussex could be so much better if the council would only throw some tarmac at them, having done roads that wind themselves around mountains and covered under snow for most of the year it amazes me that the condition of those are like runways compared to the carp we have to put up with here! Early doors again saw me meeting Kenton and trotting off to the petrol station at Nutley which luckily was just opening up as we arrived at 7am, realising we were...

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Edenbridge to Sheffield Park

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I met Mark along with Andy and Tony T at Riverhead and we popped along to the real first meet point.. Somewhere along the way Mark ground out, the severity unnoticed til we stopped to greet Tony B, Russ, Mattijs and TonyC.....drip drip ( no not Jedward)....oil! In true Top Gear style we had a final cig with Mark before leaving him roadside and cracking on. As noted above the roads were full of pedestrian type drivers - you know the sort, wont overtake a bike in case something might come the other way, the obligatroy horse box x 3...

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