West Sussex down to Littlehampton Marina

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David, thanks for arranging this one. Enjoyed a nice steady pace with the Orange boys in close attendance ( to start with ) then all of a sudden after Petworth it was just G and I running together - cracking on around the twisties just south of Goodwood , at which point my sat nav decided to switch itself off, with a wave G rallied past and took control. Stopped for a quick ciggie break and Mattijs and Kenton caught us up, followed by the 2 Richards.....which left us pondering: 'where the heck were the guys from the 'middle' '...

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Down to the Coast with Brekkie at Yalding

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Well it seemed that we were up at the sparrows f4rt, handy as i'd had one of those sleepless nights that menat about 3 hours kip......still the skies seemed clear enough so off i set for Maidstone Services the 1st of 2 meet points. Typical....the rain started about 1/4 of a mile away from the Services.....Neil and Richard were alreayd on site ( and being a gent Neil had ordered me up a 'strong Java' )..... Nigel rolled in and we were ready - except no one had told the weather Gods. It was phissing, more a constant drizzle..... In...

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Goodwood and the Roads around…..

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On Sunday  we gathered (if that's still an appropriate term for three cars) at Buck Barn at the luxury time of 7:30. Except for James. Who was in Horsham at 7:40. Some extremely dodgy instructions and one clever idea ('use your ITN') later, we were all ready to discuss alternators and get going. The weather started out very sunny, but near Goodwood the roads were showing signs of past showers, making James on his 888's take a a bit easier (good decision, James!) We encountered a few drops from above, but most of the precipitation was coming from below, the...

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Sevenoaks to Eastbourne and Beyond

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belting run.......... felt a tad red eyed when the alarm went off but the coffee worked wonders...was joined just as i was leaving home by James and after a quick refuel met the rest of the posse at the Moat before heading off to pick up 'phase 2'......was quite chuffed that I remembered the route without the aid of sat nav ( well at least the 1st part)...... Car behaved well and was most impressed with the 'turn in and grip levels' - irrespective of running 888's...... time for a natter and plenty of banter at Pett ( coast )...

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‘Evening All’…..a Western Amble….

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Evening blat report: David T, Nick and Graham assembled at Newlands Corner at the allotted time but as I had struggled to get away from home on schedule I was running late. I stopped, firstly seeing a text from Tony to say he had electrical problems and had the dash out! I suggested to the others that they head off with a view to meeting me a couple of waypoints into the route. Needless to say, where they stopped was not where I though they were stopping but before long we were blatting onwards in convoy. Some new roads, some...

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150 Miles of Epic Roads out West

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With my late evening alternator swap out completed just in time to fill up before the local filling station closed and also in time to see the finale of Murray's win at Wimbledon under the floodlights, I checked with Paul that he was still up for an outing. ITN sent, car prepared, a few hours sleep before the early alarm call. After meeting Paul and his impressive FW400 in Bracknell, we set off on an epic 150 mile loop taking in Odiham, Overton, Newbury, Lambourne, Wantage and Mortimer. Many of you will remember much of this route from the SKCC...

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London Bound

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Lee writes... ok small report from today’s little blat round London. Met Dave and Paul at Canary Wharf outside one of the large banks and no sooner had I pulled up a traffic warden / security guy came over and said you can park there "I replied I’m having engine trouble" and fiddled with some wires for 15 minutes until the guys turned up... reasonably quiet to start with but the first hurdle was the fact the main road into London had been closed due to maintenance work in the a quick knock off of 2/3 waypoints soon got...

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Destination Henfold Lakes

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Having arrived at grahams a little tired after rising at 0430, and leaving london at 05.20 I was looking forward to a good run out and stayed off the pop last night so i could drive a little quicker today. some real dry patches of road with the odd wet patch which made some corners a little slippy for my liking, that will be the extra psi in the tyres graham put in for me this morning... and the near bald tyres.. funnily enough there was a lot of road kill this morning including MR FOX and after my stint...

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Pyrenees 2012 – SKCC Possy on Tour

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So were back from our adventure, and what an adventure it was too, when I planned this I really didn’t thing this would get anywhere near the experience of the Alps but how wrong I was, the roads are equally as good and the scenery probably a shade better with the ‘greeness’ of the mountains compared to the baron moon like terrain of the Alps, the Alps has more passes but the Pyrenees has fantastic Col’s – and as for Andorra – wow!! So here’s the report…….but, echoing Marks comments from the UK road trip, so much happened and I'm...

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Legend 2 – John O’Groats for Lunch

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Day 1 Report. So the adventurers rallied at 7am in the car park of McD's at Lakeside. The weather didn't dampen spirits but it did dampen everything else I was officially moist (and not in a good way) by the time I got to Lakeside but it mattered not. We were ready for the off. The whole route is broken up into bite size chunks and day 1 was motorway to Scotch Corner with a breakfast stop en route. The afternoon plan was cleverly tweeked by Duncan to get on the A68 earlier then I anticipated which was a good...

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