Lydden Track Time & a Run Out!

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Well what a birthday this has been. I was a bit worried first thing wjen I ventured out at 5.30 to get the car out and it was foggy and I mean proper fog NOT mist.... fog. Made the schoolboy error of deciding to wear my crash helmet while blat.... I mean driving responsibly down the M20 to the rallye point in he dark and fog.... did I mention it was foggy? With a dark visor I had to drive by braille using the cats eyes. Met up at the Moat and had ten minutes of banter before heading off...

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London……crack of Dawn

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Short Captains Report. Why oh why for the love of all things Holy do i wake up miles ahead of the alarm - especially when i am only due to get a few hours kip? 3.15 and bleary eyed i knew that sleep wouldnt return. Of course under normal circs i'd quaffe an extra dose or two of caffeine - but large quantities of liquid in 7's tends to cause an involuntary - urge to find hedges, and i'd already worked out that London is kind of devoid of that habitat. So with a swig of the black stuff and...

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Kent Down to the Coast – Destination Rye

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Good run chaps, pity that the a20 was chokka with the m20 being shut......dont think i've ever gone to Charing so slowly, for those at the back - believe it or not we were following a motorbike that no one would overtake - at 40mph! Mark / Richard - sorry you didnt get to join the main run, but atleast you got to brekkie - and yes Mark some of those roads are indeed awesome........come out a few more times and we'll show you some more..... To the breakway group - no idea where you lost us ( notice the...

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Kimbolton – SKCC ‘pop’ along to see what’s what.

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Kimbolton 'Match Report'. With grey skies we assembled one by one at Thurrock, coffees were gathered and ciggies lit - a calm start to the day, until Richard turned up. Seems he'd been fettling/tinkering/improving yesterday and as a result there was a degree of oil in the engine bay from a blown seal. ( i thought that was illegal - blowing seals ?) With no fuss or drama ( that’s Richard for you) he grabbed a tool or two and sorted it....( we hoped)...... Leaving Thurrock we managed to get split up and Neil, Tony and I cruised on for...

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West Side Story 2nd July 2011

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We (Liam, Nick and I) were supposed to meet up at 6am at Binfield library. A little late getting going due to the interpretation of library. School? Library? What's the difference Anyway, pleasant weather, fun blat as per the route picture posted earlier in the thread. Managed to get stuck behind trucks and transits even before 7am (if I get into government there will be a new law about that). Unlike last weekend's foggy blast along the Wantage-Newbury road, this time the view was fabulous. Coffee break at Donnington services just north of Newbury then back on some entertaining roads...

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Way Out West June 2011

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Craig wrote: Quick leaders report from the blat out west. Up at the crack of dawn lok out the window and cloud all over. Ever the optimist I am thinking it will burn off nice and early, so suit up , boot up and off we go to meet up with David at BMW HQ for our droning trip down the M4 to the RZ. As we enter into the last mile or so before the services the vista opens out - or doesn't as it is blanketed in cloud. So as I topped up at the services, David and...

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Alps 2011 – SKCC Possee on Tour!

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Well I’m back, and what an incredible awe inspiring trip we’ve had, absolutely amazing and something I would recommend others to get out and do – incredible. Some of the Posse are still out there and I’ll explain why later, but heres my report.... Day 1 – Healthcheck – My cold was starting to come out, big sore throat – not good So the alarm went at 2 something in the morning and I made my way to meet Kenton and Bryan at Heathfield, both were in position and ready to go so we drove to Dover to pick...

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Ypres – SKCC Pay their Respects

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Well where to start……a gaggle of SKCC’ers met at the allotted time and headed down the M20 , the final stretch to the Chunnel where our first challenge of the day would present itself. Due to the cavalier way that ETunnel seem to treat their customers a few of us were bumped back 2 shuttles which would seriously compromise our agenda the ‘other side’ ……a bit of persuasion saw our hopes rise as we headed for the right train, only to see the doors shut with 4 of us still left on the loading ramp. Doh! Hasty phone calls were...

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2 Fast 2 Furious

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Re: Too Fast - Two Fury...s   The original plan was to meet up with Tony H, a pair of bright yellow Fury's traversing the southern it happened we were joined by Craig with his bike powered MK. In the event, the Western Saturday morning outing started near Fleet Pond and finished at Newlands Corner with a breakfast stop of Loomies as in last week's run. Three cars, Tony's Fury, Craig's MK and my Fury. A hundred or so miles looping round anticlockwise through NE Hants and West Surrey. Some good roads but the A272 should be avoided after...

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Destination Dorking

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Doesn’t spark evocative images does it - ‘Dorking’. Well to be precise it isn’t quite Dorking that catches my attention, rather a nice little Cafe near Beare Green just to the South East. Oh and what a Cafe, sitting on the banks of a tranquil fishing lake and run by 2 ex-air hostesses. Quality. But to the Story itself.... What corker. Met Paul, James, Richard ( with Medic Dan riding shotgun )and Graham with appearances from Craig and Rob  who had both shlepped across  to join us. Seems that the lighter mornings means more traffic early so had a few...

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