Routes and Cafes

Over the past few years we’ve covered more tarmac than McAlpine and along the way have uncovered some great driving roads across the Region. However, great roads are just one part of a drive – for it to be a ‘good drive’ we found some special Cafes, all of which are well versed in the art of the ‘Healthy Full English’.

In the sub pages of this section you can access tried and tested driving routes across Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Hants and select from our most favoured Cafes – eateries chosen for parking, outlook and setting as well as the ‘fare’ itself!

The routes are provided as TomTom Itinerary files, for those already aware of TYRE you can skip the rest of this paragraph, for those who aren’t familiar, do read on. TYRE – Trace Tour Route Everywhere is a neat little free program that allows the user to design a route on their PC and transfer it to their sat nav, in the case of TomTom that means ‘itn’ files and for Garmin – GPX. If you have a Tomtom that has ITN functionality then you can just download these files to your pc , connect your TT and copy then across into the relevant ITN folder, if you want to view these routes in any other format: Google Maps, GPX etc then you will need to download TYRE.

Sitting behind this main page are sub categories with Routes & Eateries for Kent and Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey. Bear in mind that the routes can easily be adapted to a more suitable start / finish location or of course reversed. They have also been made with the aim of including as many ‘interesting’ roads as possible – for us at SKCC ‘Fun Isn’t a Straight Line’.


Here’s a link to a youtube video that takes you through the process of creating a route in TYRE and using TYRE in general.