GO Pro – video your car antics…..

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GoPro is possibly the biggest name in action cameras and we're pleased to announce the addition of another SKCC supplier who can offer these products, just in time for Christmas! TartyBikes is an online mountain bike shop based near Preston in Lancashire, which has been running for 10 years. Adam the owner (forum username AdamR) has a keen interest in cars and himself has a Westfield, and having used GoPros for a number of years in a huge variety of ways (skiing, cycling, cars, under water, general out and about use) he knows them inside out and is more than...

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Total Kit Car Live – Brands Hatch 15/11

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Total Kit Car Live - Brands Hatch 15/11 Joe Public never ceases to amaze, and it seems even the Kit Car world is no exception. Rarely a week passes without seeing reference somewhere to 'Meets + Shows' - with many folks asking innocent questions about attending 'Meets', or wanting to go to a Car Show. And then. Hey Presto Steve Hole from Total Kit Car puts on a show at Brands, an iconic place to visit anyway, and so easy to get to. Perfect. Tony B organised the SKCC visit, and what a cracking day, various run outs converged at...

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North Meets South – a Blatastic Day Out

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Well where to start - at the beginning? Actually we'll reach back a tad farther. SKCC does indeed have some more Northerly members, actually scratch that - PALS. It was about time that a few Southerners reciprocated, the likes of Paul/Linda/Chris have all been down this way before, so why not venture 'up country'. A win/win, see old pals, meet folks who've we've only 'seen' on the forum or on dodgy videos - and take in some new roads....Puuuuurfeck. Yep, til we worked out the timing. 'Bloody Hell Rodney' - that's early.....yep, the first meet was timed to LEAVE Lakeside...

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Insuring a Kit Car

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What to look out for when insuring your Kit Car. Those new to the world of 'Kits' are often taken aback when they start to get insurance quotes, you see there's normally a pleasant surprise in store; Insuring a specialist car is in the majority of cases costs far far less than an everyday driver. I suppose the clue is in that word - 'everyday driver', insurance companies and their actuaries aren't in the habit of giving something for nothing, they know that Specialist Cars are cared for, are well maintained and unlikely to be driven in poor situations (...

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Euro Blat 2014

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Euroblat report - Captains by greenwoo » Mon May 26, 2014 11:22 am It’s never easy doing a Report after an extended run, let along a proper Tour, there’s just so much that happens each day that trying to catalogue and remember it all is – well a challenge. What follows is a snapshot of what we got up to on our EuroBlat 2014 Tour.So to set the scene. 20 cars booked with 30 ‘peeps’ in total…..the first challenge was to find a route that would give us all a taste of what’s on offer ‘over there’ – that would...

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Compton Abbas

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We had hoped to rope in a few more Westerners for this run out to their patch, but seemed we picked the wrong weekend! Anyway, those that made it had a good 'craic' as usual - plenty of great roads and a ton of banter...... 07:15 meeting point... some garage somewhere in the middle of nowhere. 8 cars raring to go! The obligatory Tony Stop™ picture View from the breakfast table. Re: Trip to Compton Abbas airfield Sunday 22nd June by DJ. » Mon Jun 23, 2014 12:24 pm The photos look pretty good to me Steve. Compton Abbas airfield...

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27th April – Edenbridge to Cowfold…

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Duncan led a little run from Edenbridge down to Cowfold....and writes.... Well, the weather wasn't too bad this morning I headed out on the run I'd planned with the hood up expecting "thundery showers" and up to Maresfield it was dry. The rain started at the Ashdown forest and it was quite wet near Edenbridge. Heading down to Groombridge it dried up and it was dry almost all the way to the Chalet from there! I thought about taking the hood off, but it's hard to know where to store a wet hood No traffic down the Colemans Hatch road...

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Maidstone to New Romney 13th April

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corking run, this morning. But first a strange one.... i've never ever used the snooze feature on my phone alarm , mainly cos i never understand the mentality of the 'snooze' and therefore i have no clue how to set it.... so i was a tad surprised to find that i'd missed my alarm call by 5 mins and the phone was 'snoozed' - WTF? Very quick Java intake, almost inhaled as i need fuel before the main to the meet point to find that Jay must have wet the bed as he was early too. So a more...

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Sunday 23rd March Coast Bound

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A bunch of the guys popped down to a new eatery on teh Coast, well you have to take advantage of clear, sunny skies! 'Russ' writes and supplies the evidence! Lovely bright, dry start to the day, off to our usual meet point at Buck Barn. From there it was heading West down the A272 for a fair stint, almost as far as Winchester, with me leading the pack... That was until the traffic lights by Loomies cafe where Tony B and Kenton decided to undertake me via a garage forecourt and miss out the lights, cheeky buggers. It was...

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Sunday 9th March – Mid Area Run out

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Sun is shining in the sky, there ain't a cloud in sight...... what a fabulous morning that was, no headlights from the start and hat/snood came off very early on, just riding with a pair of shades for most of the run, summers here folks, get out before winter arrive! was great to see Bob on his first run for about a year, and also Ken in his westy (not sure of the last time I met you?). Todays run was on some great twisty roads and would have been made all the better if the council laid some tarmac...

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