Sunday 9th March – Mid Area Run out

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Sun is shining in the sky, there ain’t a cloud in sight……

what a fabulous morning that was, no headlights from the start and hat/snood came off very early on, just riding with a pair of shades for most of the run, summers here folks, get out before winter arrive!

was great to see Bob on his first run for about a year, and also Ken in his westy (not sure of the last time I met you?). Todays run was on some great twisty roads and would have been made all the better if the council laid some tarmac on them, honestly, the state of the sections along Tandridge lane heading towards limpsfield chart and that section from Bletchingley was terrible, some of the holes must have been at least 6″ deep.

had a fantastic dodgy waypoint moment, Kenton thinking he was in the Alps ignored the private road and dead end signs for about a mile before we hit a locked gate, still, it allowed Graham, Bob and Ken to beat me, K and R to the cafe by about 3 seconds :lol:

anyway, 90 miles chalked up from start to finish, and the cafe was only 2 miles from the start pojnt, who said fun isnt a straight line :lol:

as for breaky, well this mornjng it was ANNIES cafe at Nutley, weve only visited here twice the last time being about 2 years ago. the food was ok but the sausages werent great, £7.50 for a mega with tea, I think in our reports now we should mark the breakys out of 10 and im afraid im only going to give Annies a 5 because it seemed swamped with beans and the poor deep fried sausages (last weeks garden centre was a 4.5)

Pot holes, bumps, ditches, cr@p on the road, HORSES, rivers of water, gravel, speed bumps, BIGGER pot holes, sink holes, craters, private roads of muddy single track with a locked gate at the end, reversing up said private road, MORE HORSES!, more pot holes, a p!ssed off Land Rover driver, another group of kit cars saluting us heading in the other direction and a “mega” breakfast…

…oh and of course fun in the sun :D



Breakfast in the sun

Is this a comment on that overtaking maneuver? :?

An indication of the road conditions.



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