Surrey Great Driving Road and Routes

A selection of great driving roads and routes in and around Surrey.

As it would suggest these routes start in and around Surrey, some are a ‘round robin’ returning to the same start area, others are ‘one way’ routes. Please bear in mind that these were created to fit common ‘meet points’ that the Club has used; Newlands for example, ……the 1st waypoints are not always in the exact location of those ‘meet points’ – but are often a short distance along the road!
Please remember that the routes can easily be adjusted for length, or start point and it is very easy using ‘TYRE’ to reverse the route ( I mention this because at 1st glance a route from Ockham when you may live in Hawkhurst may not seem appealing – but by reversing the route and perhaps removing just 1-2 waypoints you will have a very usable route).

Very often the routes were designed to finish or take in a Café. For those that haven’t been on a run with the Club here’s some suggestions for a cuppa and a brekkie on a separate page entitled – Favourite Eateries.

If you look at the list below you’ll see that it’s in alphabetical order, the key is to look immediately after the /kent part of the name to see the start point, the %20 part of each address/route merely refers to the fact that the file name had a space in it. So the 1st one for example shows a route that starts in newlands and returns to charing with a total distance of 52miles. NOTE some browsers may not like the format and may NOT allow you to download or open the file correctly ( probably due to plug ins ) just try swithcing to an alternative browser. In may case firefox doesn’t like these at all but internet explorer does…..go figure. Comments regarding these routes are welcome – but the thread will be locked and i’d appreciate it if you start a seperate thread for your comments/views.