SKCC to the Cotswolds

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Graham B one of SKCC's most active members arranged a cheeky run to the Cotswolds. Here's the match report. So, i arrive at newlands before "capt moderate" (previously known as capt slow ) about 5-30am i think, still Richard wasn't far behind and was soon followed by Tony h and then Matt. Paul (crunchie gears) was nowhere to be seen, i phoned answer, we waited and finally sent him a text as we set off. some fast and oh so clear roads were to be had before arriving at Bourton-on-the-water for breakfast..... not a lot of traffic at all,...

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A Busy Year Ahead For SKCC

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SKCC Members share 1 thing in common - a passion for using their kit cars ! Since the Club was founded the local weekend run outs have been supplemented by various longer jaunts. We started off cautiously - a day trip to France, the highlight that day i remember well: 14 cars at Le Touquet for a quick stop on the way home, we nearly didn't make the ferry in time! Our little cars had caused such a stir that it was like a instant car show had sprung up with locals milling around the cars. With that first foray...

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Covert Run to Bletchley Park

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SKCC mounts a dawn raid to Bletchley Park - Ssshhhhhhh Organiser Report by Neil.... I was really looking forward to today having spent a bit of time sorting things out for it. Just a heads up to any would be event or run organiser it really isn't that difficult so don't be put off by the thought of it. Right, back to the day. An early start for most people to get the timings right. The hardest part of the day was getting No1 son out of bed at 5am to get round the M25 and up the 414 to...

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SKCC to Shoreham Airport

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  “A low key run” he said.. saw it as a “bit of a shakedown and hopefully a trouble free run” he thought. Posted up on the SKCC, (it would be rude not to..) in case in case anyone was daft enough to want to come along and help push. Well the SKCC rallied round and a great response to the run, not only that, a great turnout too with a 100% conversion rate. It started early for me, up at 0500, left the house at 0600 and joined up with Dick and Nash for the short hop from Oakdene...

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SKCC Joins a Classic Car Meet and BBQ

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Southern Kit Car Owners can't resist a BBQ and a midweek run out...... report by Russ......... Well I enjoyed this evening, great weather for getting out in the kits. We rallied at the meet point, all present and correct before heading off on a little 30-miler to the pub. Once getting off the main road we had a reasonable run through some country lanes without much disruption, not taking into account the horse round every damn bend Tony B had a momentary mechanical hiccup with his engine cutting out, but that gremlin seemed to disappear by itself and we pressed...

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A little Run to the South Coast

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Richard aka Capt Slow reports on a cheeky little run to the Coast.... Was a last minute decision for me ( the other half probably forgot i went out last weekend when she told me to go out today ) Car not touched since last run, so after recent events with one of the carbs flooding i was pleased it was easyish to start when i tried as the Tom Tom woke from it's slumber. Already fueled up at end of last run it was just a slight delay as i decided if it was an SKCC jacket day of...

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Way Out West…..D-Day ( Duncans Day)

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Southern Kit Car Clubs traverses the Southern Counties.... Duncan one of our South Coast members arranged this 'little' jaunt across to Compton Abbas, of course it would have been rude for a posse of SKCC'ers not to join him. Anyway, here's Duncans report. I'm glad everyone seemed to enjoy themselves Shame about the incidents on the way home, I hope they don't cost to much to put right. Report: I have to say SKCC members are determined, a very early start at Buck Barn and yet everyone was there early, had filled their tanks and were ready to go at...

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Hi-Spec Motorsport – putting the brakes on SKCC

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Hi-Spec Motorsport  Sometimes we get lucky and find a supplier on our doorstep that offers both quality products and services. In this case I’m referring to Hi-Spec, known in many circles for their performance braking products.  I stumbled across Hi-Spec a few years ago when I was rebuilding a previous kit car – Geoff Bedding was most helpful in helping me decide on the package that would suit the car. The fact that they were on my doorstep and offered a range of products built in the UK appealed and the consensus on various forums was that the products were...

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SKCC Does the Alps…….again…….

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SKCC To the Alps via Munich and Nice... For the past 2 years Tony B has planned and led trips to the Alps and the Pyrennes, each trip has been epic in it;s own way - Alps 1 for being the first, Pyrennes for having being able to build on the first years knowledge and then this year - the Alps Revisited. What made this one different from a planning perspective was the use of a car transporter to save 2 days+ worth of driving - an idea that worked out very neatly. Having organized a fair few trips and...

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Southern Kitcars ‘ West To Chalgrove’ – a midweek outing

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Mango Fury - AKA David E recounts last nights run out in the compnay of David T and Phil... We successfully exorcised the demons of last years Chalgrove deluge with a three car outing to the same pub, the Lamb in Chalgrove, last night. I was joined by Phil and David and after meeting up near Sunningdale, we headed west. We passed along the road where last year we crawled through 6" deep floods. The flood signs were still by the side of the road Some great roads along the way as well as some which would not be a...

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