SKCC to the Cotswolds

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Graham B one of SKCC’s most active members arranged a cheeky run to the Cotswolds. Here’s the match report.

So, i arrive at newlands before “capt moderate” (previously known as capt slow :D )
about 5-30am i think, still Richard wasn’t far behind and was soon followed by Tony h and then Matt.
Paul (crunchie gears) was nowhere to be seen, i phoned ….no answer, we waited and finally sent him a text as we set off.
some fast and oh so clear roads were to be had before arriving at Bourton-on-the-water for breakfast…..
not a lot of traffic at all, and we were 40mins ahead of our predicted eta.
now i have stayed at the old manse hotel on one occasion and found it to be very good….
but the service today was very very poor , with breakfast taking an absolute age to arrive,
still it was plenty tasty and very cheap ,( 4 x full English with toast / tea / coffee as required £23-90)
Paul caught up with us at breakfast….he went to Newlands for 7am instead of 6am :cry:
the second part of the run was also plenty quick with more good roads and some pretty little villages,
lunch at the old mill in Chipping Morton arrived quickly and was really good and about £6-50 per head,
as it was now after 1pm we did get some traffic on the way home,and my sat nav switched itself off at one point (i had forgotton to switch the power on so the battery was depleated :oops: )this left me going around a roundabout 3 or 4 times while the sat nav found itself once switched on again, so i lost contact with matt who was a few cars behind at the r/bout, Paul & Tony h were way upfront somewhere,
so i ended the run on my lonesome….
still i had a great time with miles of smiles

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