Way Out West…..D-Day ( Duncans Day)

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Southern Kit Car Clubs traverses the Southern Counties….
Duncan one of our South Coast members arranged this ‘little’ jaunt across to Compton Abbas, of course it would have been rude for a posse of SKCC’ers not to join him. Anyway, here’s Duncans report.
I’m glad everyone seemed to enjoy themselves :)Shame about the incidents on the way home, I hope they don’t cost to much to put right.

I have to say SKCC members are determined, a very early start at Buck Barn and yet everyone was there early, had filled their tanks and were ready to go at 6am!
Neil left home at 4.30 which I felt deserved a special mention, although it is probably a minor matter for a Ninja :D

Unfortunately Russ and Rob E couldn’t make it, so Mark and copilot Steve, Neil, TonyB Kenton, TonyC, Dave and myself (with daughter) set off.
Not being the quickest driver I prefer not to lead, but TonyB and Kenton insisted I did today. They were very polite and waited at least 5 miles before they blasted past and disappeared :)
Kenton’s car sounded like a low flying Spitfire as it passed :D

The A272 was clear of traffic and a pleasure to drive.

We all reached the layby and remarkably Tom, David, Trevor, and Richard and his wife were all waiting.
I was relieved I’d chosen a large meeting place:


Soon after we headed off, and moved onto some smaller roads to avoid Winchester and the M3.
I hadn’t driven them before, but there was still very little traffic and not too many 30 zones.

Once we were north of Romsey we turned onto the B3084 to “The Wallops”, one of my favourite roads.
Every one made good progress up there despite a glitch in the route (well on my satnav anyway :roll: )

North of the A303 we picked up petrol, it must be the first time they’d had every pump occupied by a kitcar.
Here’s a picture Lizzy took soon after the stop:


A quick cigarette break here:


The roads around Stonehenge (the less we say about that historic site the better!) were a bit straight, but soon we headed down towards Shaftsbury and Zigzag Hill.
I expected to be climbing the hill, but instead we descended it, sorry! And by then the odd motorhome was out and about…….

I was relieved to arrive pretty close to the planned 9.30. Rob was there waiting with his superb CSR – Graham would be envious.
It was lucky we were early. Compton Abbas is a brilliant spot for breakfast, but extremely popular and soon after we ordered there was a queue out into the car park.

Tom arrived a little after us having been delayed by the road closure at Stonehenge.
Here are almost all the cars (Rob’s was hidden behind a tintop) :


Thanks for coming out and making it such an enjoyable run :)


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