Total Kit Car Live – Brands Hatch 15/11

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Total Kit Car Live – Brands Hatch 15/11

Joe Public never ceases to amaze, and it seems even the Kit Car world is no exception. Rarely a week passes without seeing reference somewhere to ‘Meets + Shows’ – with many folks asking innocent questions about attending ‘Meets’, or wanting to go to a Car Show.

And then. Hey Presto Steve Hole from Total Kit Car puts on a show at Brands, an iconic place to visit anyway, and so easy to get to. Perfect. Tony B organised the SKCC visit, and what a cracking day, various run outs converged at a nearby Golf Course where we had a cheeky Full English – before convoying the final few miles to the Circuit. Upwards of 35 SKCC members parked up trackside, with additional numbers visiting in tin tops as the winter mod season has started already!

The next few hours passed rapidly, as usual so many folks to catch up with, either from within the Club or the Industry/Scene. Manufacturers had been able to buy track time, and so the backdrop to the Show was demonstrators taking out passengers for thrill rides…..i was going to write ‘quick laps’ but as the track was greasy there needed to be some tip toeing in places, but no matter, seeing a variety of Kits on the black stuff worked well.

On a personal note, a highlight for me was talking with the Zenos guys, it may have been their development mule out there, but looking at the construction and the overall program – i was mighty impressed, and if i’d been a good boy this year maybe Santa would have brought me one…..

So it was set at an iconic race circuit, there was track action, it was possible to have px laps, the forecast was looking ‘ok’, its just outside London – must have been busy right? Err no. Between SKCC and the Kent Kit Car Club we had about 60 cars, the Cobra boys brought a nice looking handful along and dotted elsewhere were a few ‘unaffiliated’ cars……Strange really. OK it wasn’t a Show in the sense of a Stoneleigh, but its a Show nonetheless, so where do all the guys that seemingly crave ‘Meets’ go to when these things pop up?

I read elsewhere a few comments afterwards…..’Popped along, track action was good, there weren’t many traders’, ‘ small’ish show really’, ‘Had a wander, didn’t really know anyone’. Guess what. These Shows and Meets are what YOU make them, footfall means that additional traders will come out of the woodwork for the next one, get involved, if you’re in a Club grab some pals and come on down, or tag on to a different Club and meet some new faces.

To those from wherever that turned up – well done guys, to Steve Hole for organising- kudos, to the manufacturers who came – fair play, it was good to see your cars doing ‘their thing’. Bottom line, next time someone mentions the words ‘Meet or Show’….remind them that there are ways & places to hook up with like minded petrolheads that doesn’t involve a pub car park once a month on a Sunday afternoon! Hopefully next time there’s an Event like this we’ll see a few more owners supporting it.



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