5Day Euro-9day Alps-9days Norway -5days UK -3days Wales

Posted on March 05, 2016

Skcc offers members various Road Trips every year.Highlights this year…

Posted on March 04, 2016

The Social side of our recent

Posted on January 26, 2012

Skcc offers members various Road Trips every year. Highlights this  year…

5Day Euro-9day Alps-9days  Norway -5days UK -3days Wales



Many members have been in your shoes and will be happy to help, or top up on inspiration by coming along to one of our drive outs as a passenger.


Where better to get impartial advice, a multi-marque club with no allegiance or affiliation to the manufacturers. Come along to a ‘meet’ and hop in as a passenger and get some pointers.


Get out and about with other owners, track days, sprinting, weekend drive outs, road trips, roadbook rallys, Continental Touring – SKCC membership has it all.

So a Kit Car and why SKCC?

Some build their own car through curiosity and dogged determination to make something unique, seeing it either as a challenge or hobby, to create a car of their dreams.

Others buy a kit car to break away from the constraints of mass produced metal, to enjoy driving a car where handling and style outweigh the need for modern day conformity.

SKCC is an independent kit car club, a virtual and real meeting place for those with an affinity to ‘Kits’, the club’s slogan  “Fun isn’t a straight line”  holds true whether Building, Dreaming or Driving: Living with these cars is an adventure, from making decisions around the build / ownership  and converting ideas into reality, to taking your car to places you would only have dreamed about and making new friends along the way.

SKCC members talk about ‘Smiles per miles’, owning and driving a ‘Kit’ is all about the journey and the fun that can be had along the way. The photo gallery or the ‘Reports’ section will give a hint at the adventures that we’ve enjoyed.

SKCC Members have access to a wealth of knowledge as well as privileged discounts and joining couldn’t be easier, and it’s free! Simply register on the forum and say hello. We sure you’ll soon agree that “fun isn’t a straight line’’.




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