SKCC stand at Detling 2010

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Just want to say a big thank you to mark and all the guys for setting up such a good area it really made the day. being in the hall most of the day i did get to hear quite a few nice comments from visitors and traders about skcc being by far the best club turn out and set-up. Its something to be really proud of especially considering the length of time that skcc has been in existence. Have to say it again. well done Mark for initiating all of this it was nice to do and see something different rather than the usual dump a bunch of nice cars on a stand and disappear off around the show.


Well Guys n Gals, glad that you all enjoyed yourselves, after all that’s the bottom line, it’s great to hear a 3rd party comments about the ‘stand/area’ and our efforts – but that’s just the icing on the cake – the key point is did we all have a bit of fun!
Putting on any event takes time, effeort and help. So many thanks to Dan, Liz, Ben for pitching in and special mention – infact he gets the GC ( Greenwood Cross ) goes to Neil, not only did he help setting up but was kind enough to travel in the opposite direction to home to drop the gear back at mine. Cheers to you all.
As i’ve said before, doesn’t matter how many members there are on paper, no talk, no action and there is no club. So its nice to hear your feedback, and i’d encourage you all to make more use of the forum to arrange your own gatherings/runs or just to come along to the next ‘Group’ events.
Easy option at these shows is to rock up, drop the car in the designated area and bugger off for a looksee, which frankly at Detling would take all of an hour! I think we had a different day – the meeting at Indulgence ( cheers Job/Graham + Co. ) gave us all the chance to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Then the meandering run, ok, a gentle meander not a blat, nevertheless amusing – especially given James antics at halting the traffic for us! …. Now i know why the Audi A3 wanted to prove a point
and then to the show where the marquee, BBQ and a few sounds gave us a focal point to return to and a further chance to mingle.

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