JD Classics Run Feb 2011

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Amazing what little treasures it’s possible to find with the odd bit of web surfing! A ‘gander’ at Pistonheads revealed the name of  a Company that I’d never come across before JD Classics, heard of them?  Well take a peek at their website and drool.  In short  this is a company specialising in the restoration and sale of  ‘classic meatl – and I don’t mean ‘Mtorhead’!

A plan was thought through which would iinvolve meeting at Lakeside ( thurrock ) and heading off on a quick 70 mile blat around Essex – destination Maldon.

So we set off from Lakeside after the banter ( which for some reason centred on me cleaning the car with serviettes), the local Boys In Blue declined the suggestion for a photo with the cars ( possibly too lardy after their Mc’d’s breakfast ).
So we cracked on – except unknown to me up the sharp end we were 2 cars light – seems that Paul + Ray were tarting around after filling up with fuel, what we took as a sign of readiness was apparently not! Oh well they had local knowledge so created their own route and met us at JD CLassics.
The run was damp, not so much in the air but the roads, a shame as we couldnt explore the corners to the nth degree, but if i said we’d been through 50 ‘s’ bdends this morning i think that’d be an under estimate! Awesome!

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JD CLassics. Words really cant describe this place, whatever anyone says will be treated as an ‘oh yeah’ ( with a disbelieving snort of derision)…….put it this way….in the more down to earth part of their sales/restoration set up were 3 ( yep 3 ) Mk1 Lotus Cortinas, given that their speciality seems to lie more in the Jag area maybe just maybe you get the picture? No? Ok how about 4 ‘Silk Cut’ Walkinshaw Jag racers? No? Do yourself a favour if you’re into classic cars – get on their website and get your backside won there for one of these open mornings.

Here endeth the lesson, just about to download the info from the data logger and upload my pics from the day – which include 2 other ‘gulfed’ cars + 2 effigys that are indeed also ‘gulfed’…..pity the weather was a tad grey, i suspect that i wont win any prizes for them, but at least they’re a bit of fun.

Good company , good banter. Perhaps we need to change the Club Motto!


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