Destination Dorking

by admin on May 15, 2011 in Reports with No Comments

Doesn’t spark evocative images does it – ‘Dorking’. Well to be precise it isn’t quite Dorking that catches my attention, rather a nice little Cafe near Beare Green just to the South East. Oh and what a Cafe, sitting on the banks of a tranquil fishing lake and run by 2 ex-air hostesses. Quality. But to the Story itself….

What corker. Met Paul, James, Richard ( with Medic Dan riding shotgun )and Graham with appearances from Craig and Rob  who had both shlepped across  to join us. Seems that the lighter mornings means more traffic early so had a few to get past as we swept down to Edenbridge, about halfway to E/Bridge i realised the 1st part of the run was a bit of a ‘busmans’ as Paul uses that road everyday for work! On we pressed following some tried and tested roads before hitting the A272 and heading West, bearing off to Loxwood – what a road that is! You know when you find a pieces of tamarc as smooth as slk that wanders around twistys with nice undulations – mmmm. The sun was making its presence known as we turned eastwards again finding a real rollercoaster of a road, and then came the usual comedy moment as i decided to take a turn 200 yards earlier than i should have – mmm poor old Craig hasnt got a reverse so out he hopped for a spot of manual 3 point turning. The Cafe was a welcome sight, would it live up to my boast that it was the finest of brekkies……….after all we had a stern panel of judges, but as usual faultless. We sat in the sun watching the fishermen lining the banks, the odd one ( i dont mean fishermen are odd ) pull out a tiddler or two – in fact we were quite sure that one guy was cheating and not taking his catches off the hook.


Dan regaled us with stories of power tools and personal injury – surely someone with a Medic background would know better?
All too soon it was time to head for home, i tricked the sat nav by deliberately taking some wrong turns to keep enjoying the small lanes around the Surrey Hills area before hopping back onto the A25 at Redhill……
Quality run!

Merit Bages awarded to James – for changing his prop yesterday which involves removing half of the read of the Caterham just so he could get out today and of course to Craig for traipsing across to join us…..

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