2 Fast 2 Furious

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Re: Too Fast – Two Fury…s


The original plan was to meet up with Tony H, a pair of bright yellow Fury’s traversing the southern counties…….as it happened we were joined by Craig with his bike powered MK.

In the event, the Western Saturday morning outing started near Fleet Pond and finished at Newlands Corner with a breakfast stop of Loomies as in last week’s run.
Three cars, Tony’s Fury, Craig’s MK and my Fury. A hundred or so miles looping round anticlockwise through NE Hants and West Surrey. Some good roads but the A272 should be avoided after 9am. Pics below the breakfast stop at Loomies and the finish at Newlands. While Craig and I were making use of the facilities at Newlands, my in-cam camera caught Tony bravely denying to the patrolling police car that these were not the same three speeding cars that had been spotted from the nearby police helicopter just a few minutes earlier.

OK, a little poetic licence in that story somewhere :)

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