Boss Racing – SKCC Geo Sanity Check

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We arranged an Open morning at Boss Racing last weekend. Boss are known in the Caterham and TVR world for prepping road and race cars and have a neat little workshop just 5 minutes from Brands Hatch. It was a gem of a find and after i’d had my own car set up a few weeks back we arranged with Rob the owner to put on an ‘SKCC Sanity Check’…..well atleast for the cars, as we all know the members Sanity is ‘way out there’.

Rob himself races in one of the Caterham series, co-owning a car – infact his car share buddy won their series this year, so he clearly knows his onions when it comes to setting a car up.The idea behind the morning was for everyone to see how far out individual aspects of their set up may be, so that they had some base information to work from in case of needing to consider future works/adjustments, that said Rob was happy to put a spanner in his hand to make a quick adjustment here and there, with some of the guys lookingg to return another time for a more comprehensive ‘tweak’.

Below is a report kindly scribed by Steve………glad it went well chaps.

Excellent morning today! Many thanks to Colin (Wingco) for organising and to BOSS Racing for opening their workshop to us for the morning and putting on such an amazing spread too…sandwiches, pastries, cookies, biscuits, tea/coffee!…If I’d have known how much food was going to be out I’d have saved my cash and skipped the cafe breakfast! :mrgreen:

BOSS Racing has a new computer controlled geometry system. It does seem the nuts, and was very quick to set up and take the readings from each car. All adjustments being made are visible in real-time on the computer monitor. Firstly, the cars were weighed with the driving sitting in, so that corner weight information could be taken and we were each given a printout of this. Then cars weighed again without the driver.

I was hoping that my car would be nearer to 600kg, but it’s not too lardy. 628kg without, and 702kg with me sitting in it. The weight distribution (with me in) seemed pretty good…

      50.4%:49.6% FRONT:REAR.


      48.5%:51.6% LEFT:RIGHT.


      50.9% CROSS WEIGHT.

(Cross weight percentage compares the diagonal weight totals to the car’s total weight. To calculate cross weight percentage, add the RF weight to the LR weight and divide the sum by the total weight of the car. The aim is for this sum to account for 50% of the overall weight.)

My front tracking was well out, as I’d expected since I’d just fitted a new steering arm during the week in preparation for getting it sorted properly today. Extreme toe-in (23mm total) was adjusted to just 1mm of toe in on each side. Was advised that one turn in of the top left-front wishbone balljoint would see the camber looking better, but generally everything seemed OK. Car drove much nicer on the way home. Bargain day for £20.

I hope everyone doesn’t mind, but I took down all the car weights so we can compare….

AIDY. 532kg without / 618kg with driver. Bike engined. Not sure what make?

JAY. 606kg without / 708kg with driver. Zetec Tiger.

STEVE. 628kg without / 702kg with driver. Zetec turbo Westfield.

COLIN. 647kg without / 749kg with driver. 2.0 Pinto Locost?.

BILL. 676kg without / 768kg with driver. 2.0 Vauxhall XE Luego.

ROSS. 691kg without driver. Mini 1360cc?



Blingmeister Bill :D

Please note, this was specially arranged for the Club and as such we had a block deal arranged – normal costs for a one off will obviously be more than this.

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