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For the past few years our Club has enjoyed a successful relationship with one broker in particular – Frank Pickles. Why do many of us continue to put our faith in them or rather our cars in their hands? Simple…….Cost and Service. Sadly a few of us have had bumps and scrapes, and so far they’ve come up trumps in terms of helping if the Underwriters have started to drag their feet. To my mind this is where a good broker comes into their own – it’s fine taking the renewal premiums, but we need folks who are there ready to step in and help……and i have to say from personal experience when i had a rather expensive prang they were brilliant in helping me fight my corner to get it resolved as swiftly as possible.

Whilst we don’t have a set % discount agreed with FP a call to their offices ( don’t rely on online quotes ) and the mention of you being a member of SKCC should provide you with a further reduction on their already competitive quotes.

When looking into kit car insurance you should look into the optional cover available as well as standard cover. This will help you to make the best possible choice when it comes to protecting your much loved car. You spend months, if not years, modifying and customising your car. Therefore it makes sense to ensure that you are providing it with the right amount of cover in case anything was to happen.

What Are the Optional Extras Available?

There are quite a few optional extras available with your kit car insurance policy. Breakdown cover is a particularly handy one. When you are looking into standard insurance policies you may notice that it can be difficult finding breakdown cover for a kit car in a standard policy. However when you take into account the cost of breakdown assistance, it can be quite expensive! Therefore finding optional breakdown cover is definitely a good idea.

If you plan on driving your car in Europe then you will need affordable insurance. Green card cover will help to protect you throughout Europe with specialist overseas insurance. This is ideal if you are planning on showing your car throughout different countries. There are some big kit car shows hosted throughout the year and if you plan on taking your car to them it makes sense to be protected.

One particularly handy insurance policy is legal expenses. Typically standard cover will pay out some legal expenses. However, it could well be worth taking out a separate legal expenses policy just in case court action is needed after an accident. It is amazing just how much legal costs can be. If you are driving a kit car and you cause an accident, the legal costs would be extortionate. This is because kit car drivers do tend have a reputation as being unsafe drivers. It is definitely worth protecting yourself against a court case!

Overall the optional extras mentioned above are definitely worth thinking about. Kit cars have a lot of work put into them so it makes sense to protect them as much as possible.

So whether you’re buying a new car or simply renewing your existing insurance give either Margaret or Jane a call at FP……and if by chance you own a classic, or a camper/caravan – ask them about their specialist policies for those as well!

Frank Pickles (Insurance Brokers) Ltd

33/35 Cross Green
LS21 1HD

Tel:  01943 850999

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