Sunday 2nd March

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SORN –  a diabolical word amongst many of the members, there’s always some cracking days through the early part of the year, far to good to have the car untaxed!

Neil writes this report for another little SKCC foray….

Well that was a shock to my system, clearly out of early run practice. Left the house at 5.45am with a very clear sky and -1 degree on my car as I moved it to get to the garage door. Met up with the chaps at Newlands at 7.15am having managed to get wet and shiver myself warm. :?

The run was the “how I remember it” thrash around the countryside losing teammates along the way to varying satnav discrepancies only to find them again thereafter with the exception of David who we never found. A text later declared David had headed home to breakfast.

The garden Centre Cafe was a good find as it not only had good parking but the facilities to look after us were also useful:



It was good to catch up with everyone today as not seen some since “last year”! The weather today was in the main ok if not a little wet to start with but the wind blow away the clouds to give us some sunny spells closely followed by greyness. Good practice for Belgium in 2 weeks.

Good run chaps.


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