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A Pub meet with the chaps from JPSCC at Westerham, Kent

by admin on June 04, 2010 in Reports with No Comments

(Jeremy Philips Sports Car Club) A few of you who are members of SKCC may have been on the receiving end of some badgering by me to join up. Lee Champion is one such fellow. I’d hounded the poor bloke for a while into getting involved and once he’d joined I felt it only fair to repay that by supporting a local ‘meet’ that he was part of. He and his pals from the JPSCC had been meeting at the Grasshopper in Westerham for quite some time and as is the case with many ‘meets’ it’s fair to say that...

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Le Blat – the SKCC foray to pastures new – destination France

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Le Blat - the SKCC foray to pastures new -----destination France A steady convoy down the M20, cars all in line and then like out of a film the Cobra and T-Bucket ease alongside, a friendly acknowledgment and they fall in line. Quick pitstop to top those tanks up before meeting Nigel dockside. PO kindly kept us together and once 'other' side off we set in Groups of 4. The roads to the first stop were a good mix of A's + B's, with plenty of decent twistys. The next camera moment was i admit created by me. I decided...

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The Big Brekkie Meet

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Those of you who know me will already be aware of my keenness to break down the barrier of the ‘single marque club’. It seems to me crazy that petrolheads should want to purely associate with folks who have exactly the same car as them, moreover there are few Clubs which have enough depth of membership to make it a viable proposition.  I remember Richard Pope telling me how he’d built up the Dax Club in the Sussex / Surrey area only to see the numbers to my mind it makes perfect sense to push and break down this...

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SKCC stand at Detling 2010

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Just want to say a big thank you to mark and all the guys for setting up such a good area it really made the day. being in the hall most of the day i did get to hear quite a few nice comments from visitors and traders about skcc being by far the best club turn out and set-up. Its something to be really proud of especially considering the length of time that skcc has been in existence. Have to say it again. well done Mark for initiating all of this it was nice to do and see something...

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