Henfold Fisheries – Always a Firm Favourite

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Stand in Captains Report.. Well it was an early start for me this morning, ie. Check why the battery warning light and the oil pressure light were' not working, with those both sorted I left the marina at 6.00am to get to the Boxhill hotel for 6.30. within a couple of minutes I could here the pinto powered tiger roaring up. We left the hotel bang on 6.30 to get to BB, we went the easy A24 route for which a few miles of that road are great. At buck barn we fueled up ready for the off. The banter...

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SKCC UK Road Trip 2012

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Well where to start? 5 days and many miles to be summed up and for those that were there I suspect like me a few words don’t do this sort of trip justice. Before I make an attempt at conveying some of the highlights I’d like to say a few words about the club and the camaraderie. Some are aware that I had car issues ahead of the trip, I was humbled and appreciative of the words of wisdom, the offers of support and indeed other offers that went far beyond that – all in an effort to help me...

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Edenbridge across to Horam and that super Cafe!

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Just ended up being the two out today, but was a cracking run out courtesy of Mark's ITN. Weather held, and although a cold start, the route lead through some twisty b roads before breakfasting (great by the way) in what was a very busy cafe in Horam - the biker boys were out in force this morning and had pre-booked the car park at what seems to be a very popular eatery. Weather couldn't have been kinder in what proved to be an excellent run through the Kent/East sussex countryside Home in time to watch the re-run of the...

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Essex Back Roads

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Had good luck with the weather today (if a little chilly to begin with) and managed a total of 13 cars for the blat through Essex. Mark headed off to lead to fast group and promptly took a wrong turn  , with limit number of people with the itn I set a steady pass to ensure we stayed together. Lovely runs through the Hanningfields and think most people enjoyed the blast down the Hanningfield Straight (much better than when its foggy). We were running a little bit slower pace than expected and were a little late collecting Andy @ Chipping Onger....

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New Brekkie Venue as we criss cross Kent & Sussex

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Captains Report. Those that had their names down duly arrived at the Meet Point  despite of an 'iffy' forecast, so well done chaps. It amazes me how we all set store by the weather reports when we ALL know that the only sure fire way of knowing what the weather's really doing is to stick your head out of the many blatting days must be lost to those few words ' possible showers'. we set and we learnt our lesson of the day - sorry folks but Saturdays are now an official 'no go' after 8am. Immediately we...

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Newlands Corner through the backlanes to Henfold Fisheries

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Russ wrote: Another great run this morning guys with a good turn out. Really enjoyed the roads, particularly some of the early sections that snaked amongst walls of sandstone. Could have done without my n/s cycle wing making a bid for freedom, but then it wouldn't be a Sunday run without something on my car detaching itself or an electrical hiccup. Thanks again to Richard for the bolt that set things straight and to all the guys that stopped to help. We're still not free from the early morning damp roads yet which led to some sideways action for me...

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Petworth and back to Henfold Fisheries – would we see ‘Blondie’?

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Captains Report: Well as seems to be the case my eyes opened 30 minutes before the alarm was due to sound its annoying notes.....still, time for an extra coffee. It was then that i remembered a slight schoolboy error - i'd left the Tiger parked nose into the garage, 'ah why would that be an issue i hear you ask'.....simply that reversing 100 yards in the dark ( no reverse lights ) in the pitch black wasn't too much fun. A boring motorway sprint to BBarn was livened up #by the lack of suitable headgear, that's one of the first...

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Sussex into Kent – Destination Mark Cross…..

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....can't do a 'Captains' - fosters has dulled the brain, that + a sleepless night. Bloody good roads even if i do say so, amazing how with a bit of working out its possible to combine some truly great bits of tarmac: company as always spot on, sorry T, was in mickey taking mode this morning.....Sue wondered why there was a dry tear etched on my face, told her it was your fault for being a 'victim'.....of mickey taking. And those who scoffed at the DIY jacket eh? proved wrong now? Steve, nice to meet you mate, don’t hold back...

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Sample Blog Post

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Just set an image to featured in order to display the image auto-cropped. Then use the insert more tag to display the button.

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Surrey – Sussex Trot……

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Captain’s Report. Went to bed at about 2.30, got to sleep sometime after 3:00 and then woke up at regular intervals as I was convinced the phone alarm wouldn’t go off as it was soo low on battery. Great, managed all of a couple of hours kip. Still, wandering down to the garage I was greeted with dry, temperate air. Well that’s a good start. After a strong coffee and a bit of hunting for bits n pieces that I should have found yesterday (goggles/glasses etc.) I set. Now with these darker mornings I just didn't fancy a full on...

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