Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Buck Barn and up to the Fisheries…….

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Tony B Report well that was another corker of a run this morning!   Must admit I was a tad worried last night when I popped out to get my curry and was met with an army of trucks spreading salt on every road imaginable, but a quick look out the window when the alarm went off this morning and it all looked reasonably ok.   I can’t wait for the mornings to get lighter though, setting off in the dark with my headlights is always hard work, but as I made my way to BB I settled back and...

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Taking over a Bikers Cafe……

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Captains Report: The Sun God worked his magic......... It was with a high degree of reluctance that I got out of bed this morning, soooo glad that I did! The run to the meet was fine, sure the roads were damp and it was “interesting” driving in the half light - a pet hate of mine when I sometimes find I get disoriented as the light/dark plays tricks. Half the crew were at the rendez vous point, and after I rocked up Tony C and Bill arrived in short order. With a customary ciggie, a few words of banter we...

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Orange & Mango go on a Festive Fruity Foray with a Fearsome Finale

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Christmas Eve 06:55. Squadron Leader Mango reporting. A tad chilly, but not frosty, roads drying out nicely. I headed off to Newlands Corner to meet up with Graham, the Orange One. His creditably clean Westfield putting the Mango, still carrying mud from three weeks ago, to shame. As the sun climbed it's way up to brighten the sky we set off across towards Chilworth, through Puttenham and on towards Elstead. There are some excellent roads south east of Farnham and apart from the one where a deep puddle stretched all the way across the road, most were drying to provide...

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A Christmas Blat in Surrey

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Nick’s Report Well, when I woke up this morning thought to myself that I must be mad, I was met with a frosted windscreen on the inside , that doesn't stop team slater, btw what happened to my wing man??? Off I trot to Newlands, rather tricky underfoot has to be said. Graham was already there, followed by mark, Ian last by not least Steve.   After a few donuts in the car park and we were off.   It was the most cautious that I have ever driven the tiger, because I have only just put the bottom end...

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Wrothan, Rye, Lydd Ring and American Brekkie !

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TonyB Report Well a top top run again today, and ...... I said there would be a surprise or two along the way in the original post!! As normal I was awake almost 2 hours before the 'off', my first peek out the window and I thought Christ that looks cold!!! Kenton put the first smile on my face when I met him and Bryan at Cross in hand - "Morning" he said - "I'm wearing Felicity's stockings" Off we set, Bryan with his Christmas lights rollbar flashing away nicely to meet the others at Sissinghurst - the roads were...

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Herne Bay

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Well I was awake a 4.oclock this morning and watched it round until 6am, must be the excitement of getting out in the kit 2 weeks in a row. You just don’t know how good it feels to do that, after being on the sidelines for months with a back injury. The route graham picked was the Kent run 1 of the .ITNs previously run earlier in the year, a cracking route for me as I used to live around Staplehurst, and Romney when I was a wee boy. Lovely country twisty roads and then opening up to long long...

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Essex to Suffolk and Back again

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Captain’s report Well a late Captains Report due to feeling a tad tired and having nicked 40 winks earlier! The Gods of sleep are clearly jealous of my offerings to the Sun Gods, cos for the umpteenth time this year I had a carp night’s sleep and ended up giving in and getting up at 04.00 after a bit of tossing and turning (not the 'right' sort either). James rocked up at mine after a brief text telling me he was running late due to fog, I cast my eyes around the garden thinking ' well I’ve heard some bullshit...

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Buck Barn round and round to the Fisheries

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So the Captain waited in vain for a call from young James to confirm his the absence of which I planned an extra 10 minutes in bed.....I have to admit that it felt bloody early when the alarm went off, and a tad dark too! Still a cup of Java sorted me out and off I trotted. Nothing fancy a blast around the M25/A3 to meet the rest of the gang. the 1st surprise of the day (there were many) was the fact that Tony C had managed to drag his ass out of bed and was actually at...

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LEGEND 1 – Lands End for Breakfast and home

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OK, here we go. I arrived at Popham at 04:45, & was joined almost immediatly by Callum - who wasn't even going! Fine effort that man. Just before 05:00 Mark & the crew arrived & fuelled up, ahem see later. After the customary two ciggies & chat watched with expressions of curiosity by the cashiers & comments from other customers we set off, with a cheery "what could possibly go wrong". Within a couple of miles Mr G was pulling into a side road on three cylinders. We shone torches, we gave the engine several hard stares, we cursed the...

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