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Sunday 2nd March

by admin on March 14, 2014 in Reports with No Comments

SORN -  a diabolical word amongst many of the members, there's always some cracking days through the early part of the year, far to good to have the car untaxed! Neil writes this report for another little SKCC foray.... Well that was a shock to my system, clearly out of early run practice. Left the house at 5.45am with a very clear sky and -1 degree on my car as I moved it to get to the garage door. Met up with the chaps at Newlands at 7.15am having managed to get wet and shiver myself warm. The run was...

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Kit Car Insurance – finding a good broker…..

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For the past few years our Club has enjoyed a successful relationship with one broker in particular - Frank Pickles. Why do many of us continue to put our faith in them or rather our cars in their hands? Simple.......Cost and Service. Sadly a few of us have had bumps and scrapes, and so far they've come up trumps in terms of helping if the Underwriters have started to drag their feet. To my mind this is where a good broker comes into their own - it's fine taking the renewal premiums, but we need folks who are there ready...

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The economics buying and owning a Kit Car

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Southern Kit Car guide on the costs of owning a kit car.... The Kit Car spectrum is wide but can be split in general terms into 3 sections, exotic Replicars – such as Ferrari lookalikees, Homage cars – the most recognizable being the Cobra and finally a raft of cars designed around the original Colin Chapman ethos of lightweight simplistic motoring. For the purposes of this article we’ll concentrate on the latter. The Lotus 7 is the Grand Daddy of open wheeled cars, cars that have cycle wings and where the occupants can see the front suspension and it’s every...

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Sunday the 12th Jan – Chalet Run

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Stir Crazy, a phrase and theme that had been touted on the forum for a few weeks - the weather just hadn't been kind enough to allow a reasonable 'window' to get out in the cars....... Russ kindly posted up a 'shout' for a drive out and here below is his match report..... So a modest crew of 4 cars braved it out in the cold this morning. It felt colder than I was expecting and after setting out I soon saw the frost build up as I moved inland. Conditions were mixed, ranging between extremes of flooding and ice....

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SKCC Xmas Brekkie

by admin on December 16, 2013 in Reports with No Comments

Southern Kit Car Club end of Year Gathering. We'd pencilled this into the diary some while back, well the beginning of the Year to be exact - where the heck has the year gone? As usual we've covered some ground: French Rallyes, Road Trips in the UK and to the Alps and run outs just about every weekend, oh and the occasional evening foray as well. Never let it be said that this isn't an active Club! Given the mileage we all do, i think we ought to be retained by a few kit car manufacturers for R&D purposes, because...

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Boss Racing – SKCC Geo Sanity Check

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We arranged an Open morning at Boss Racing last weekend. Boss are known in the Caterham and TVR world for prepping road and race cars and have a neat little workshop just 5 minutes from Brands Hatch. It was a gem of a find and after i'd had my own car set up a few weeks back we arranged with Rob the owner to put on an 'SKCC Sanity Check'.....well atleast for the cars, as we all know the members Sanity is 'way out there'. Rob himself races in one of the Caterham series, co-owning a car - infact his...

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SKCC Remembers…..

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This is the 3rd year that we have gathered at the Hamlet of Stopham to pay our respects, it's become somewhat of a tradition for us and for the locals who seem to love our 'colourful little cars'......Russ provides the commentary and pictures below..... Really enjoyed today's runs and great to see some decent numbers out along with a few faces I haven't seen out for a bit. We weren't heading directly into the sun for the best part so that was o.k. and I didn't mind all the water about as the car's still sodden from Friday. Some decent...

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Duncans Bexhill Blast

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SKCC Sunday Run to Bexhill....... What a great morning to be out in my Seven 6.10 and I'm leaving Eastbourne a little late, it's dark and really foggy. By the time I reached Buck Barn the sun was out and most of the runners were waiting for me. By 7.10 Matt, Kenton, Mattijs, Steve m, Russ, Tony B, Graham, Phil, Dave and I were all ready to go. The first part of the route took us south down the A24, and two lines of SKCC cars were held at the red lights. Guess what happened when they went green There...

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Southern Kit Car Club joins a French Rallye

by admin on October 08, 2013 in Reports with No Comments

Yes, SKCC joined in another Rallye in the Pas De Calais Region and here David E recounts the weekend. Rallye Artois Lys 2013 - Trip Report Saturday 28th September A couple of evenings before the rallye I had pulled the spark plugs out just to check them and get an idea of the state of the engine. All looked good. Come Saturday morning, the old adage "if it ain't broke keep your mitts off" came home to roost. I set off to the Sainsburys near Crunchie's house to fuel up and meet up. The car was misfiring so I thought...

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SKCC’s Sunday Sussex Run

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GrahamB arranged yet another superb SKCC Sunday Run, a man of good routes but few words - picture heavy report..... ......well that was good..... my day started about 4am ...oh god its pitch black out there, I caught up with roger at our normal Shell pit stop in burgh heath at 6 ish, and we had a gentle run to B/B , arriving early, but soon joined by Russ, and then a text from Steve....."running late will be 30mins" as the four of us were the only runners, Stevo had sent me a text at 01-45AM ( ) to say...

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